Desliming hopper

Desliming hopper

【Capacity】: 4.5-59 M2/T

【Procesible Material】: alluvial gold slurry , mud , sand and any other  kind minerals slurry,ect.

【Description】:Deslimer is a simple mud cone grading machine, itsexternal behavior of an inverted cone, in the liquid center is equipped to the ore bins at the bottom of the cylinder a certain depth below the liquid level. Pulp into thecenter along the tangential direction to the cylinder is through the buffer after thebottom of the outflow. Out flow to the periphery of the pulp radial flow to the overflow weir. In this process, the process of settlement increased faster than the speed of the coarse particles willbe submerged in the tank, and discharged through the bottom of theSpigot approved. With fine-grained surface of the pulp into the overflow tank, as the overflow discharge. To the ore particle size generally less than 2mm, grading granularity below 74um.

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mainly used in ore desliming, in order to improve the classification efficiency; and also installed the concentration and dehydration of ore in grinding equipment before, in order to improve the mill feed concentration; also used in a variety of slime control to the pre sorting equipment, ore concentration and ore quantity.

Desliming hopper

Product Structure

Desliming machine
Desliming hopper
Cone deslimer
Cone desliming machine
Slurry desliming hopper
Slurry deslimer
Mud deslimer
Mud desliming hopper
Alluvial gold desliming hopper
Alluvial gold desliming machine
Alluvial gold deslimer
Sand desliming hopper
Sand desliming machine
Sand deslimer

Technical Parameters

ModelSubsidence Area(M2)Volume (M3)Discharging Tube Dia(mm)Feeding Size(mm)Discharging Density(%)Capacity (M2/T)Deslim Effective(%)Machine size(Dia*H) (mm)

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