Hydraulic classifier

Hydraulic classifier

【Descriptions】 :

Hydraulic classifier is the use of sieve-plate subsidence caused by interfernce in the term of equipment. the body shape for the corner of the cone-shaped boxes, boxes with vertical partitions into 4-8 graded rooms. each room has an area of 200mm*200mm. away from the room at the end of a certain height to set sieve.

It is widely used in the shaker sorting before hydraulic grading homework, play classification and distribution of ore reserves, in order to improve the separation efficiency of shaking table. Hydraulic classification box has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, no power consumption, reliable performance, convenient operation and so on.

According to the different processing capabilitied,  it can be made of four rooms, six rooms,  8 rooms of different specification.

The equipment used for sorting iron, tungsten, tin, gold, and non-ferrous. ferrous metal mine.

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【Features & Advantages】 :

Hydraulic classifier has the advantage of sipmle structure, no momentum.easy to configure.

Hydraulic classifier

Product Structure

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Technical Parameters

modelFeed size(mm)Feed densityIncrease in water pressureSieve size(mm)Capacity t/hOverall dimension(mm)

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