Vibrating screen

Vibrating screen


【Motor power】:2.2Kw-30Kw

【Layer】:1-4 available

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Vibrating screen uses electric exciter as vibrating source, the material will be thrown around the screen, at the same time doing forward sports, in order to achieve the screening purpose. Material from the feeder evenly enters into the machine’s feeding inlet, with multilayer sieves to produce various of products and unqualified products on the screen or under the screen, then discharging from the outlet respectively. It can be used in the automatic production line.
1.high efficiency, low energy consumption;
2.simple structure, convenient maintenance;
3.fully closed structure without dust pollution;
4.Stable working station and smooth operation;
5.High utilization rate of screen, large unit area, not easy to block, but easy replacement of screen.
6.High-precision screening reach to 96% or above, large processing capacity, etc.

Vibrating screen

Product Structure

Circular Vibrating Screen is a kind of new and highly effective vibrating screen which can be designed with multiple layers. It is composed of screen box, screen mesh cloth, suspension (or support) device, bottom frame and motor. Circular vibrating sieve is available for smelting , quarry , coal preparation, ore dressing, energy, power, chemical, construction material industries.

Technical Parameters

Standard ModelLayerMax Particle size(mm)Sieve size(mm)Amplitude (mm) Productive capacity
(° )
Cooperate Motor Dimension
SZZ600× 12001401-25610-20100015-25Y112L1-42.21370× 890× 330340
SZZ2600× 12002401-25610-20100015-25Y112L1-42.21370× 890× 430360
SZZ900× 18001401-25620-25100015-25Y112L1-42.22150× 1358× 575550
SZZ900× 18002401-25620-30100015-25Y112L2 -432489× 1358× 770620
SZZ1250× 250011005-402-715085015-25Y1321S1-45.52762× 1714× 6801100
SZZ21250× 250021505-402-715085015-25Y1321S1-45.52702× 1714× 7401300
SZZ1500× 300011001-40822080015-25Y132M1-47.53320× 1449× 7872100

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