Stack Sizer

Stack Sizer

Motor Power】2.2 KW × 2

Number of Sieve Box Layers】1-5 available

Ore Feeding Concentration】 30% – 40%

Maximum Screening Efficiency】 ≥ 90%

Main Application】 Wet Classification

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High frequency stack sizer derrick is arranged in staggered layers from top to bottom. That is multiple single-layer fine screens are integrated on one machine. Each screen surface independently completes the feeding and screening operations, and the substances under and on the screen of each screen surface are collected and discharged respectively, so as to ensure the processing capacity and reduce the floor area at the same time.The screen layers can be 1-5. Usually there are 5 screens it is called 5 deck stack sizer screen.

Stack Sizer Screening Machine Features

1. Screening Efficiency Can Reach More Than 90%.
Adopting the structural design of multi-layer(deck) screen box superposition, the screening area of vibrating screen is greatly improved, which is equivalent to multiple ordinary screen machines working at the same time, and the screening efficiency and processing capacity are greatly improved. 

2. Average Service Life of The Screen is More Than 6 Months
Stack sizer screening machine
 adopts polyurethane screen what is high quality, high opening rate, anti blocking and wear-resistant. Stack sizer also adopts special ore separator diversion and feeding of ore feeder. So that the materials can be evenly spread on the screen surface on the premise of ensuring large output, and reduce the impact of pulp on the screen due to too fast flow speed. It increases the service life of the screen, and the average life is more than 6 months.

 3. Long Service Life of The Whole Machine

  • Vibration Motor: Imported motor with low energy consumption, high efficiency and stable performance.
  • Motor Installation: Patented thread locking technology is used to never loosen and completely ensure the reliability of vibration source.
  • Screen Box: All slurry passing parts inside the screen box are lined with high wear-resistant special rubber layer, which is combined with the surface of the box with high strength and will never fall off, so as to effectively avoid the wear of quicksand to the screen box. Polyurethane spraying process is adopted for the outside of the screen box, with a spraying thickness of 2-3mm, which greatly improves the wear and corrosion degree of the screen box. The plate of the screen box is made of low-alloy high-strength structural steel, and the NC cutting process is adopted. The overall heat treatment of the screen box eliminates the stress, completely avoids the secondary deformation of the screen box, and effectively prolongs the service life of the equipment.

4. Small Floor Space
The 5-deck stack sizer screen are in the form of superimposed layers, which is equivalent to combining the floor area of five screen machines into the floor area of one screen machine, making the whole vibrating screen more compact and adding flexibility to the installation on the production site.

Stack Sizer

Product Structure

Derrick Stack Sizer Structure】High frequency sizing screen is composed of ore separator, ore feeder, screen frame, rubber spring, anti blocking and wear-resistant polyester screen, electric vibrator, support, collection bucket, etc.
Stack Sizer Derrick Working Principle】The high-frequency stack sizer is driven by two electric vibrators with opposite movement directions to drive the screen frame to move in a straight line. The resultant force of the two electric vibrators acting on the screen frame passes through the center of gravity of the screen frame. Therefore, the exciting force at each point on the screen frame is the same. The slurry is fed from the upper or lower part of the ore separator, evenly divided into multiple channels through the ore separator, and then enters multiple ore feeders through the ore feeding hose. The ore feeder sprinkles the slurry evenly on the upper end of the screen surface. Due to the continuous vibration of high frequency and small amplitude, the materials on the screen surface make a continuous jump on the inclined screen surface to disperse the materials. In the process of mixing, the fine-grained materials pass through the screen hole and are called the products under the screen, while the materials larger than the screen hole make a continuous forward jump on the inclined screen surface, and finally jump out of the screen to become the products on the screen. High frequency and small amplitude vibration can destroy the surface tension of pulp and the adhesion of fine particles to coarse particles, making materials loose and layered. The screen surface adopts polyurethane screen, with high opening rate and good screening permeability, which can reduce and prevent screen hole blockage and improve screening efficiency.
Derrick Stack Sizer PriceJXSC machine supplies stack sizer screening machine with 1-5 deck. The 5 deck stack sizer screen is so popular in the mining industry by its features. As an experienced manufacturer, we sale the derrick stack sizer at factory price.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameter
Motor Power2.2 KW × 2
Screen Specification1040×700mm
Opening Rate31%-45%
Mesh Specification0.075mm, 0.1mm, 0.125mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.425mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm(polyurethane fine screen)
Exciting Speed1500r/min
Screen Surface Inclination20 °
Feed Concentration30%-40%
Maximum Screening Efficiency≥90%
Power SupplyAC380V,50HZ


Stack Sizer Model Parameters

ModelVibration Frequency


Separation Granularity




Motor Power


Screening Area







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