Cone crusher

Cone crusher

【Feeding size】: 95-267mm

【Output size】: 6-22mm

【Capacity】: 10-300 tph

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【Application】 : Cone crusher is mainly divided: spring cone crusher, CS series spring cone crusher, HPC hydraulic cone crusher and HCS series hydraulic cone crusher. According to the type of crushing chamber can be divided into: standard, medium and short head cone crusher. The standard type is used in the medium; the medium is suitable for the middle and fine pieces; the short head is suitable for the fine-grained (5 to 10 mm).

Cone crusher

Product Structure

【Cone Crusher Working principle】: The rotation of the motor through a belt pulley or coupling, drive shaft and cone force in the eccentric sleeve moving around a fixed swing movement, and the crushing wall so that the cone crusher near and sometimes from fixed on the surface of the sleeve on the adjustment of rolling shirakabe, crushing cavity ore in the impact extrusion and bending and realize ore crushing. When the non breakable object is broken through the cavity or for some reason, the machine is overloaded, the spring insurance system realizes the insurance, the discharge port enlarges, and the foreign matter is discharged from the crushing cavity. For example, the foreign object is stuck in the ore drain system, and the cavity cleaning system can be used to make the ore drain continue to expand, so that the foreign matter can be removed from the crushing chamber. Under the action of spring, the ore outlet is reset automatically and the machine is restored to normal work.

Technical Parameters

ModelChamberCone Diameter(inch)Max Feed Size(mm)Discharge Opening(mm)weight(t/h)Motor(kw) PowerThe capability (tph)of different discharge size(mm)
(inch)  (mm) (mm) (mm) (t/h) (kw)61013161922
MPH600C2460095105.355 2025303545
MPH1000C4010161601310.890-110  7090125135
 M4010161151010.890-110 55657090120
MPH1200C4511431801316110-132  105120135160
 M4511431301016110-132 7292105135150
 F451143901016110-132 7090100125 
MPH1300C5112962001623132-160   135160180
 M5112961501323132-160  105125135160
 F5112961021023132-160 80105135140 
MPH1400C5413722151927185-220    180220
 M5413721601627185-220   160180200
 F5413721151327185-220  150195220240
MPH1600C6015242352237.8220-250    230265
 M6015241751937.8220-250    215240
 F6015241301337.8220-250  180210240265
MPH1700C6616762672244.3250-300     330
 M6616762031644.3250-300   240250280
 F6616761401344.3250-300 190220260330 

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