Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer

【Capacity】:3~5 T/H

【Procession Material】:gold,chrome,tin,coltan,diamond ,tantalize ,silica sand

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1. Complete set, not need to install
2. Various fuels accept, wood, coke, coal, gas.
3. Easy operation, maintenance
4. portable type, can shipped by container

Rotary Dryer

Product Structure

The wet ore is feed to the drum dryer by belt conveyor, burning the fuel, the ore will be dried in the rotating drum, and then the dried ore will discharge from out let in another side. The dried ore moved to next machine by belt conveyor. Our new designed rotary dryer is using air cyclone for dust collection. The exhaust fan running to draft the water vapor from the rotary drum, the air cyclone can recover the dust ore running together with the water vapor.

Technical Parameters

3~5T/H new complete set rotary dryer 3~5
equipment listdescriptionmotor power
1 Hopper3~5m3 
2 Disc feederφ8001.5kw
3 Belt conveyor(for feeding)500×9000mm1.5kw
4 Rotary drum dryerinlet drum diaφ960×3000+outlet drum diaφ1280×15003kw
stainless steel drum thickness 5mm
5 Dust collectorair exhauster,cyclone φ5002.2kw
6 Smoke shaftsmoke bin 
7 Heating systemfirewood(gas, coal, or coke as customized) 
8 Belt conveyor(for discharge)500×9000mm1.5kw

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