ARC type electrostatic separator

ARC type electrostatic separator

【Capacity】: 1-2t/h

【Feeding size】: 0.1-3mm

【Application】: non-ferrous metal and black metal, such as iron ore, zircon, cassiterite(tin), ilmenite, rutile, primary limonite, beach placer, manganese ore, titanium, tantalum-niobium, monazite and primary retiles.

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ARC Type Electrostatic Separator has the structure of two rows and four stories in each row. Each floor has an earthing curved slide board (stainless steel). On the top it has an arc-shaped high-voltage electrostatic plate (aluminum), which is stationary (but adjustable).
When connected to high voltage static electricity, the ore minerals slip into high-voltage field area via earthing arc plate, then conductive minerals charged by induction and attracted to the electrode. Due to gravity, it is discharged from the front which is different from the non-conductive ore. Meanwhile, non-conductive mineral has also been affected by the electric field, but will not be attracted into the lower re-sorting. The process will be conducted for four times until the minerals are qualified.

ARC type electrostatic separator

Product Structure

Working Principle:
1.The machine is equipped with chassis and it should be placed vertically when installed.
2.It should be grounded well. The ground line should be buried with angle iron or water pipe into a 2-3 meters wet underground place.
3.High-voltage cables should be in plastic tube to prevent leakage.
4.Ore storage heating wire should be 4.5 square millimeter cable. There are high and low temperature switches in control cabinet.

Technical Parameters

Model BXJ-2A4-30BXJ-2A5-60
Feeding size0.1-3mm0.1-3mm
Feeding speed10-15cm/s10-15cm/s
Arc-Plate size16001600
power consumption125W 
Operation voltage0-60KV0-60KV
High voltage current0-10MA0-10MA
machine weight1688KG2100KG
Overall size2.1*1.6*2.32.1*1.6*2.5

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