Sluice Box

Sluice Box

【Feeding size】 20mm

【Capacity】 20-30 m³/h

【Application】 Open cast mining precious metal deposits (like gold) and gemstones in the seashore, river bank, etc.

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【Description】Sluice box, a kind of fluid trough used in the gold processing plant to wash gold ore, mainly used in open-pit mining. In Large and medium-sized open-pit mines, the sluice box is usually connected in series with mine well. There are many kinds of the sluice box, according to the size of selected materials, can be summed up as coarse, fine gold sluice box, and slurry sluice box. There is a spiral washing machine (including spiral sluice box), fan-shaped sluice and gold concentrators. Sluice box with shaking table, Centrifugal concentrator, Belt conveyor, cross-flow belt sluice and oscillating belt sluice.
The density separation of ore particles in the flow of the chute is known as chute separation, and the equipment used is known as sluice separation equipment. The application of the gold sluice boxes has an ancient history. With the development of industry, the beneficiation of gold mining sluice has gradually developed from manual operation to mechanization and automation. Modern ore dressing sluice mining has a very high degree of mechanization and automation, suitable for large-scale industrial production.
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Sluice Box

Product Structure

【Work Principle of Sluice Box】Ore dressing by the flow of water in the gold mining sluice box. It can handle materials with very different particle sizes. After the slurry is fed into the tank, under the combined action of water force, gravity (or Centrifugal Force) and the friction force between the ore and the bottom of the tank, the ore particles with different specific gravity are loosely separated and separated. Of course, the gravity of the sink at the bottom of the trough to become a concentrate, a small gravity for the tailings.
Clay Trough is the best equipment for mining and beneficiation, especially for sand mining in the seashore, riverbank, Sand Beach, stream road and other large-scale placer sites. The gold sluice box is a high recovery, mature technology, widely used, economic and environmental protection of placer gravity separation equipment.

Technical Parameters

ModelSizeFeed ConcentrationCapacityWaterFeed particle sizeFrequencyPower

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