Automatic Gold Panning Machine

Automatic Gold Panning Machine


【Capacity】2-3 T/D

【Recovery Rate】95-98%

【Application】Use in mountainous areas, rivers, creeks, and other places where electricity is inconvenient.

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The new small gasoline gold panning machine is an upstart in the outdoor gold mining industry. It is easy to carry and operate. Two gasoline engines generate power to drive the reducer at the bottom station and the pump to pump water. Under the double action, aim at the screen surface to rinse and spray water (the value can adjust the amount of flushing water), separate the heavy metal coarse ore into the water tank, and dip it in a gold blanket for recovery.

Our automatic gold panning machine is a mineral processing equipment with simple operation and high metal recovery rate. It is suitable for use in mountainous areas, rivers, creeks, and other places where electricity is inconvenient. The gasoline gold washing machine is easy to carry and can use when there is water. Our clients from Zimbabwe, Guatemala, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Suriname, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Angola, Canada, Thailand, Chile, Peru, USA, Australia, etc., love it.


  1. Long service life, low cost;
  2. The metal recovery rate is as high as 99%;
  3. Easy to carry (12-volt battery) & operate;
  4. The sieve surface diameter of the gold pan is 450mm, and the sieve hole is 8mm. The weight of the whole machine is 23KG;
  5. The screen mesh can be changed in size according to the local raw materials, and the slope of the screen surface can also be adjusted by itself;
  6. The sink needs to be covered with gold-sticking blankets and cloths of equal specifications, and the production capacity is 2-3 tons per day.
Automatic Gold Panning Machine

Product Structure

Consists of a sink plate, water pump, and water tank.
【Working Principle】
The raw materials enter the sieve, first filter out the large stones, and after washing, the sand falls into the sink(Cover the sink with a sticky gold blanket). Placer gold and sand will fall into the blanket due to the difference in specific gravity when passing through the gold-stained blanket. And the water will take away the sand. We can use the hand-made gold pan or shaking table to treat the material caught by the gold-stained blanket and separate the alluvial gold.

Technical Parameters


Gasoline Gold Panning/Washing Machine

Mesh Size(mm)8
Screen Diameter(mm)45


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