Mini Aluminum Alloy Shaking Table

Mini Aluminum Alloy Shaking Table

【Capacity】: 20-100 KG/H

【Processible Material】:gold,chrome,tin,coltan,diamond ,tantalite ,silica sand

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1.Shaking table have high concentrate quality
2.the bed surface of this shaking table is durable and longer service life.
3.No the deformation and .no broken of the shaking table.
4. Low water-absorptivity, does not increase height.
5.Anti-chemical corrosion, acid do not avoid medicament in ore polp.
6.Good weather resistenance,good shape stablity.
7.Good selection function,good index stability.

The small shake table separate the mineral granular based on the gravity differences between the different materials inside the pulp. When the pulp reached the table surface from the feeding channel, the granular in it will be effected by the gravity force, water flow force, the inertial force and friction force which comes from the reciprocating movement of the table surface, under the effect of these four forces, the granular inside the pulp will be classified and moved to the different direction: the high density one will go front and drop from the concentration end, the gangue will go to the tailing side, and the middles will be re-concentrated on the shaking table.

Mini Aluminum Alloy Shaking Table

Product Structure

small shaker table with Aluminum alloy bed
laboratory shaking table
Mini Shakng Table

Technical Parameters

Deck dimension(length*feed side width*concentrate side width)mm1100×500×430
Times of stroketime/min280-460
Adjustment range of deck slope°0-10
Feed sizeSlimemm0.074
Feed density%10-30
Water consumptionkg2-10
Power 0.55
Triangle beltr/minA-1245
Overall dimension(length*width*height)mm1730×500×800

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