Laboratory disk mill


Laboratory sealed disk mill
It’s widely used in the coal mining, coal washing plant, coking plants, power station, chemical plants, and research institutions to crush sample to be instead of labor crushing. It’s with features of automatic dust removing, and without pollution so it’s suitable for the indoor working.
The machine is mainly composed of the body, base, shaft, moving disc, fixed disc, cover and hopper cover, and other accessories. The power to pass through the belt pulley is driven spindle rotation so that the relative movement of the movable disc fixed disc to crush the material. The particle size can be adjusted by hand, shaft to control the space of the disc.
Body is installed on the base, the transmission part is combined with bearing, the movable disc, and belt. The station contains shaft, fixed disc, the movable disc, the inlet.
The crushing can be worked indoor, the material is fed from the feeding part which is on the top of the cap, for the pressing between the two discs, the material will be crushed, the crushed material will flow from the space of the grinding disc to the bottom tank.

Laboratory disk mill

Product Structure

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Technical Parameters

Feeding Size(mm)≦2-3≦2-3≦6
Output size
Adjustable range(mesh)
Rotation Speed(r/min)10501050800
Overall size(mm)550*490*360550*490*365770*510*500

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