Lab rotary kiln


【Introduce】: SHY-11 Laboratory rotary kiln
SHY-11 Laboratory rotary kiln application:
SHY-11 Laboratory rotary kiln is a superfine grinding machine, it mainly suitable for the geological, mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, electric power departments such as production and scientific research, coating, magnetic materials, printing ink, dye, food industry and cosmetics industry. Laboratory rotary kiln can keep working in and out that make it have a big capacity. The end of the furnace tube is seal measures that have a protection, oxidation and reduction.

【SHY-11 Laboratory rotary kiln feature】:
Reasonable structure, good sealed performance, high efficiency sample preparation, wide range of application, It can test and grinding all kinds of metal and non-metal ore sample, And can control the grinding time.

Lab rotary kiln

Product Structure

lab rotary kiln

Technical Parameters

Max temperature (℃)1600
Speed (r/min)0-5
Angle of inclination (°)0-10
Furnase tube size (mm)90*1000
Feeding size (mm)5
Furnase power (kw)6
Weight (kg)700
Motor power (kw)0.6

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