Coltan Mining Process Jig Separator in JXSC factory

Coltan Mining Process Jig Separator in JXSC factory

Release time:01 November 2018

JXSC mine machinery factory is the No.1 premier mining machinery manufacturer with strong focus in Tantalite, Tantalum , Columbite , niobium and other rare earth ore metals and minerals like Gold,Diamond,Chrome,Tin,Tungsten and Silica sand processing plants.

The highest Ta205 concentrations which are important for conductivity in capacitors for electronics industry also for longevity. Our goal is getting the highest concentrations which are beneficial for our clients which also generates long-term business relationships for us.

In addition to this we provide our clients with live metal prices data so they can make informed decisions when purchasing material directly from us our subsidiaries.

Lastly we provide consultancy to our clients on best practice when exporting and importing our materials to different Jurisdictions so all logistics is a smooth process and avoid unnecessary hold up from red-tape and municipal laws. 


Tantalite is black to brown in both colour and streak. Columbite-tantalite ore, better known as coltan, is found mainly in the rainforest of Africa and is used in the production of modern electronic devices. The tantalite mineralisation at Portee appears to be associated with quartz core zones, zones of K-metasomatism and with alluvial concentrations. 


Tantalum is a rare, hard, blue-gray, lustrous transition metal that is highly corrosion resistant. N a hard greyish-white metallic element that occurs with niobium in tantalite and columbite: used in electrical capacitors in most circuit boards and in alloys to increase hardness and chemical resistance, esp in surgical instruments. 


Niobium is a, lustrous grey, ductile metal 
N a ductile white superconductive metallic element that occurs principally in columbite and tantalite: used in steel alloys.


Our factory built quite some successful coltan mining process project for our clients. Below is one case: Complete Alluvial Coltan Processing Plants for our Uganda client:

Processing Capacity 100tons per hour, processing flow is:

Vibrating Feeder –> Vibrating Screen Machine –> Cone Crusher –> Jig Separator –> Shaking Table –> Magnetic Separator

His coltan mine is alluvial type, however, the raw ore contains some big rocks which also have coltan, so we suggest to use a cone crusher crush the rocks under 10mm, then feed into Jig Separators.


Below are some on-site pictures and flow chart we designed. 

Our factory JXSC has an experienced engineering team, which can design flow sheet, recommend suitable machine models, as well as provide professional commissioning, training and complete after-sales services for our clients.

JXSC engineering team
STW jig machine

The sawtooth wave jigging machine is an effective and energy saving gravity separation device that has found a wide application in recovery for various kinds of minerals. Unlike the traditional jigging machine, The STW jig machine produces speedy upward water flow and slow downward flow, so the bed layer is elevated integrally and settled fully with a long effective loose time. As a result, the STW jig machine has extremely good performance for recovery of fine fraction particles.


JXSC jig machine is widely used in beneficiation of tungsten, tin, gold, diamond, iron, titanium, iron, coltan, manganese, fluorite, chrome. It can also be used for recovery for alloy particles from manganese slag, chromites slag and stainless slag, etc.


Jig separator can used in the following applications:

  • To recover Finished Concentrate from ores in which the mineral grains are liberated. Recovery of minerals of various kinds that occur in Placer / Alluvial deposits, or decomposed rocks. 
  • Recovery of minerals from primary/ hard rock ore, which can be liberated by crushing/ grinding process, i.e. (Diamonds, Color Gemstones, Barite, fluorite, Gold & other precious metals, base metals, ferrous metals, light metals, coal) and heavy minerals of all kind. 
  • Cobbling operation, to discard waste rock before final processing of the crude concentrate.


Features & Benefits

  1. Compact structure and small occupation area
  2. Energy saving and continuous working
  3.  High recovery, high unit throughput and low water consumption
  4.  Simple installation and Minimal maintenance requirements
  5. Stroke and frequency of stroke can be easily adjusted
ModelArea jigStrokeStrokeFeed sizeHutch waterPressute waterCapacityPowerOverrall dimensionsWeight
JT0.57-10.578.5-12 (M12)
10-17 (M17)
60-160 61-2≥ 0.31-2.51.51560× 820
× 1550
JT1-11.04     102-3  4-102.21322× 1190
× 1915
JT2-22.288.5-12 (M12)
10-17 (M17)
60-160 102-4≥ 0.38-1533225× 1550
× 2150
JT3-13.310-4780-110 203-6≥ 0.110-155.52662× 2000
× 3030
JT4-247-3050-125 104-8≥ 0.18-167.54240× 1990
× 5750
JT4-2A47-3050-125 104-8≥ 0.18-1644240× 1990
× 2750
JT5-24.8615-2580-120 104-10≥ 0.110-207.5  


Parameters of coltan jig

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