How mineral particle size effect flotation machine performance

How mineral particle size effect flotation machine performance

Release time:20 December 2018

The flotation machine plays an indispensable role in the beneficiation equipment. The production of different minerals has the optimal flotation particle size range. Not only does the mineral monomer need to be fully dissociated, but also the suitable inclusion particle size is required. Too thick or Too fine is not conducive to flotation, and the recovery rate is reduced. In order to ensure a high process index for flotation, the effect of the size of the ore on the flotation and the selected particle size and other process conditions are of great significance. What is the mineral particle size? Mineral particle size is the particle in the ore. What is the impact on flotation?


How mineral particle size effect flotation machine performance1

1, the impact of particle size on flotation

      The ore is too thick, and even if the mineral has been dissociated from the monomer, it is often unable to float because it exceeds the buoyancy of the bubble. The particle size is too fine and is also detrimental to flotation. Therefore, the flotation behavior of various granularities is different.

  1. Technological measures for coarsematerialflotation

      Because the coarser ore is relatively heavy, it is not easy to suspend in the flotation machine, and the probability of collision with the bubble is reduced. After the bubble is attached, the falling force is large and it is easy to fall off. Therefore, under the general process conditions, the coarse-grained ore particles have a poor flotation effect. In order to improve the flotation of coarse particles, the following special process conditions can be employed.

  • It is necessary to select a special flotation machine suitable for flotation coarse particles, etc.; (2) to improve and adjust the structure and operation of the conventional flotation machine;
  • appropriately increase the concentration of the slurry;
  • to improve the pharmaceutical system .


  1. Process measures for fine flotation


      Fine particles refer to slime less than 18 microns or less than 10 microns. The main reasons leading to slower flotation speed, selective deterioration, lower recovery rate and marked deterioration of flotation index are:

  • due to the significant enhancement of the surface energy of the particles, it is easy to adhere to form a slime cover on the surface of the coarse particles;
  • The micro-particles have a large specific surface area and surface energy, and therefore have a high drug adsorption capacity and poor adsorption selectivity;
  • due to a decrease in contact efficiency and adhesion efficiency, the bubble capture rate of the ore particles is decreased, and at the same time The “armor” phenomenon of the mud of the bubble affects the carrying capacity of the bubble.
  • Therefore, in order to mitigate and prevent the harmful effects of slime and enhance fine flotation, it is necessary to eliminate and prevent the mud from interfering with the flotation process.