How to process Tungsten ore?

How to process Tungsten ore?

Release time:01 November 2018

What is tungsten ore?


Tungsten minerals are tungstate. There are only a few cations which can bind to [WO4]2- complex anion during mineralization, mainly Ca2+, Fe2+, Mn2+, Pb2+, followed by Cu2+, Zn2+, Al3+, Fe3+, Y3+ and so on. As a result, there are only 20 kinds of tungsten minerals and tungsten-bearing minerals in the earth’s crust, namely wolframite, tungsten-manganese ore, tungsten iron ore, and so on. Wolframite; scheelite group: scheelite (perovskite), molybdenum scheelite, copper scheelite; tungsten Hua minerals: tungsten hua, water tungsten hua, iron tungsten hua, yttrium tungsten hua, copper tungsten hua, hydrotungsten aluminum ore; unusual tungsten minerals: tungsten lead ore, clinoptilolite, molybdenum tungsten lead ore, tungsten zinc ore, tungsten bismuth ore, antimony tungsten pyrochlore, titanium yttrium thorium ore (containing tungsten). Tungsten) and tungsten sulphide ore.


Although more than 20 kinds of tungsten minerals and tungsten-bearing minerals have been discovered, wolframite and scheelite are the only ones with economic value for mining. Wolframite (Fe, Mn) WO4, containing WO3 76%; scheelite CaWO4, containing WO3 80.6%.

Application of Tungsten ore:


Tungsten is a high melting point rare metal or refractory metal in metallurgical and metal materials. Tungsten and its alloys are one of the most important functional materials in modern industry, national defense and high-tech applications. They are widely used in aerospace, atomic energy, shipping, automotive industry, electrical industry, electronic industry, chemical industry and many other fields. In particular, tungsten-based superalloys are mainly used in gas turbines, rockets, missiles and nuclear reactors, and high specific gravity tungsten-based alloys are used in anti-tank and anti-submarine armour piercing warheads.


Tungsten concentrates are used to produce tungsten, tungsten carbide, tungsten alloys and compounds.


Tungsten ore distribution in the world :


Tungsten ore is the dominant mineral resource in China. 252 mining areas with proven reserves have been found and proved. The cumulative proven reserves (WO3, the same below) are 6.375 million tons, of which A+B+C reserves are 2.32 million tons, accounting for 36.4%. By the end of 1996, tungsten ore reserves were 5 million 290 thousand and 800 t, of which A+B+C grade reserves were 2 million 281 thousand and 100 t, accounting for 43.1%. During the prospecting operation, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of Land, a number of world-class major discoveries have been made in the exploration of metal minerals, and tungsten deposits with reserves of 1.06 million tons have been identified.


China is rich in tungsten resources and is famous for its world reserves. Compared with the world reserves, China’s A + B + C reserves rank first in the world. Second Canada (reserve base 493 thousand T) and third Russia (reserves base 355 thousand T). China’s tungsten deposits are not only the world’s largest in reserves, but also the world’s largest in output and exports for a long time, so they are called “the three first in the world”. It has created and broken many world records and Chinese records recognized by the World Records Association of China.


Dayu County, Jiangxi, China, is a world-famous “tungsten capital”. China’s tungsten reserves rank first in the world, 3 times more than the total reserves (1 million 300 thousand tons) of more than 30 foreign countries. The other major tungsten producing countries are Canada and the United States.


Tungsten ore type existing in nature :


Tungsten is a widely distributed element, almost found in all kinds of rocks, but its content is relatively low. It is possible to form deposits as commercial ore mining by enriching the geological processes.


Tungsten ores are mainly divided into wolframite and scheelite. Wolframite is the most important ore to extract tungsten. It is also called wolframite. Wolframite is brown to black with metallic or semi metallic luster. Scheelite is granular in shape, white with yellow and fat lustre. Orange, double cone-shaped crystals with large crystals and transparent, deep orange. Coexisting with calcite muscovite and black cassiterite, scheelite and calcite are fluorescein. Heated or UV irradiated, slightly purple. It is the main raw material for tungsten smelting.


 Tungsten ore as below pictures:

Tungsten ore

How to processing Tungsten ore?


Tungsten ore processing methods are mainly hand selection, aviation model selection, gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation and electrostatic separation. Wolframite is mainly gravity separation while white ore is mainly flotation. In order to comprehensively extract useful components, improve product quality and recovery rate of tungsten concentrate. The combination of mineral processing and smelting technology improves baking and leaching and other wet refining methods.


In general, the Tungsten ore processing machine of heavy selection are generally used, and the ore dressing of Tungsten ore with high degree of dissociation of the monomer is basically the same as the ore dressing of gold ore, and the better ore dressing index can be obtained by simple screening.


For ore processing of Tungsten ore with low dissociation degree, it is often necessary to break the secondary structure by bar grinding and other processes, so as to improve the recovery rate and concentrate grade.


The basis of the gravitational separation of sand tin ore processing machine is also the principle of gravity separation. According to the specific gravity difference between tin ore and waste stone, the proportion of the proportion of tin and waste stone in the tin deposit is very good, and the beneficiation effect can be obtained by the method and equipment of heavy separation in tin ore processing plant.


At the same time, the advanced Tungsten ore processing plant has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and so on, the investment of equipment is small, and the operating cost is low. It is an ideal choice for the beneficiation of sands.


The equipment for gravity separation of sand tin ore is mainly jig. Sometimes, the rocking bed is also used to improve the recovery rate of fine grained tin ore. The technological process of gravity separation for sand tin ore is screening, jigging and dewatering. For the sand Tungsten ore with a low degree of dissociation, two reelection processes are often needed: screen jig, rod mill, jigging and dewatering.


JXSC mine machinery Company in China has more than 30 years professional experience at Tungsten ore processing plant, design full set Tungsten ore process flowchart , provide complete set Tungsten ore processing plant, can send engineer to mine site for equipment installation and commissioning guidance. Have already built many Tungsten ore processing plant in Africa countries. Include:China, Brazil, Bolivia, Malaysia , Nigeria, Myanmar, Australia, Mongolia, Kenya ,ect.  


Below are the flowchart description that JXSC Engineer recommend for the Tungsten ore processing plant:

the flowchart description

Rock Tungsten ore processing plant, the flowchart can be as below:

Feeding-> crushing->grinding->primary separation -> final concentration-> upgrading

The feeding way, primary separation, final concentration and Tungsten ore refining process are almost the same as above alluvial/sand Tungsten ore processing plant.

Below are the crushing and grinding stage description for rock Tungsten ore processing plant:


Crushing: for crushing the big rock Tungsten ore stone to smaller size before grinding.

crushers can be rough rock Tungsten ore jaw crusher, rock Tungsten fine jaw crusher, rock Tungsten cone crusher, rock Tungsten hammer crusher, roller crusher rock, depends on the rock Tungsten ore feeding size and process capacity to use which kind crusher.


Grinding: after crush the stone to smaller size, need to grind to power by tin ore ball mill grinding machine or wet pan mill or other rock grinding machine, so the Tungsten concentrate can released out from stone. Then go to gold separation machine and concentration machine.( Tungsten ore shaking table)