Shaking Table Mining Machine

Shaking Table Mining Machine

Release time:12 April 2018

Shaking table is a flagship mining equipment with more than 30 years experiences in JXSC factory.

It is a gravity wet process mine machinery, the table deck is made of fiber glass reinforced with wearable corundum surface. Mining shaker table is composed of three parts: head motion of shaking table, table deck of shaking table, as well as bearing and adjusting gradient.

The working principle of Shaking Table is separate the heavy material from light material by using their different proportion & specific gravity, under the effect of gravity, the minerals will divide into the ore concentrate, the middling and the tailing.

The prominent advantage of ore shaking table is precise separation. The enrichment ratio of concentrate is very good, up to 95% high recovery ratio for kinds of heavy minerals, when dealing with low grade tungsten ore and tin ore, the enrichment ratio could reach about 300 times.

we can get some final concentrates, final tailings and 1 or 2 kinds of middling products after first separating from the feeding mineral.

Shaking table widely used to separate gold, tin, tungsten, chromite, silver, diamond,  zircon, tantalum-niobium, lead, zinc, copper, other rare metal and noble metal ores. 

For the moment, we have 3 models Shaker Tables available, which include one small model — LY1100*500 with table size 1100*500mm;

one medium model — LY2100*1050, with table size 2100*1050mm;

one big model, we call it 6S model — 6S-4500, with table size 4500*1850mm.

Moreover, for our 6S shaking table, there are 3 different table decks available: coarse sand deck, fine sand deck and slime deck, also be called as roughing table, and cleaning table, it has 46/60/88/120/138 Riffles available. 46 riffles deck is suitable for particle size in the range of 0.5-2mm, 60 riffles deck for 0.5-1mm, 88 riffles deck for 0.1-0.5mm, 120 riffles deck for 0.074-0.5mm, 138 riffles deck is for finest size of 0.037-0.074mm.

Customer can choose suitable table deck according to the feeding sizes.


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From year 2016, JXSC factory made a improvement for shaking table design and appearance, we produce a new type table concentrator, compared with our ordinary shaking table, the features & advantages of New Types are:

  1. more stable — extra big channel steel support & belt protective shell.
  2. more durable — completely polypropylene material feeding box and discharge chute. 

Usually, shaking table plays an important role in both Alluvial Gold & Rock Gold mining process, it is a concentrate mining machine in the later beneficiation stage. The most common flow of Alluvial Gold is Gold Trommel Washing Machine, Gold Centrifugal Concentrator, Gold Sluice Box and Shaking Table.

While for Rock Gold mining, the gravity flow is Crushing –> Screening –> Milling –> Concentration (Shaking Table). The super fine particles from ball mill will feed into shaking table through the hydraulic classifiers, which can ensure different size distribution ore/slurry feed into different riffles shaking table, in order to reach a higher recovery ratio.  


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