Alluvial Gold Washing Plant Solution

Alluvial Gold Washing Plant Solution

Release time:10 February 2018
Alluvial gold washing plant
Alluvial gold washing plant

Introduction:alluvial gold ore are mainly mined from land surface or river or underground. Has various types gold raw material: alluvial gold/placer gold/sand gold/river gold/ gold tailing,etc. The main process include: feeding,washing,sieving, rough separation ,final concentration and refining. Because the gold density is much bigger than other minerals, so mainly use gravity separation.

Process Description:

Feeding: have various kinds feeding way, depends on plant and material conditions . have choices of vibration feeder, hopper, belt feeder, or wheel loader and excavator feed directly. Usually will make some grizzly bar on feeding machine or hopper to remove big waste stones

Washing: this process is for wash clean the clay and mud in raw material, most popular used are gold trommel scrubber washer and gold washing trommel screen.

Gold trommel scrubber is for washing raw material that with much sticky clay, trommel screen is for wash raw material that with no sticky clay.

Sieving: after washing, need to sieve out some bigger waste material,the underscreen slurry will go to next machine. This process can use trommel screen or vibration screen or high frequency vibration screen.

Primary concentration: this process is for rough gold concentration, can use gold centrifugal concentrator or gold jig separator. The concentrate ore from them will go to final concentration machine.

Final Concentration: the concentrate ore from jig machine or centrifugal will go to gold shaking table for the gold final concentration, can get high purity gold.

Tailing recovery: usually will use gold sluice box to recovery tailings that coming from centrifugal machine. So can get more gold.

 Refining: if some customer need very very high purity gold and need to smelt to gold bar for sale, then can use a gold smelting furnace to smelt gold dust to gold bar.

The most effective process flowchart and most suitable process equipment s are always recommend as per customer’s request and gold ore conditions and process capacity.