wheel washer

wheel washer

【Capacity】: 1-200 TPH

【Procesible Material】: gravel sand, mineral sand , quartz sand, pressure sand, casing sand, normal sand,ect.

【Application】: wash the materials in the quarry, mine, river sand, building materials, transportation, chemical, water and hydropower and other industries

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Features :
1. Reasonable structure,
2. Large capacity,
3. Low consumption,
4. Little loss of the sand during the washing process,
5. Low failure rate.

wheel washer

Product Structure

Wheel washer machine working principle:
The impeller drove by the motor through triangle belt, gearbox and gear moves slowly, the sand that fed from feed tank in the washing tank drove by the impeller to roll and rub, remove the impurity of the surface and destroy the vapor layer cover the sand to make for dehydrating; At the same time, increase the amount of water and take away the impurity and small matter and discharge them from spillway of washing tank, and clean sand will be took away by the blade and discharged into out-feed tank then the clean is finished.

Technical Parameters

ModelDia of bucket wheel(mm)Capacity (T/H)Power(KW)Weight(KG)

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