Mixing tank

Mixing tank

【Capacity】 0.58-30M3 

【Procesible Material】 Various metal and nonmetal ores, such as gold ore /copper ore and other minerals’ flotation process plants, leaching process plants, CIP process plants, etc.

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Mixing Tank for flotation pulp operation prior to mixing, so that the pulp with a pharmaceutical is fully mixed to create conditions for the flotation processing, and also suitable for blending various kinds of nonmetal ores.
The MIXING TANK is suitable for the mineral processing industry and also can be used for all kinds of chemical industry mixing, carbon steel mixing tanks before the flotation process of minerals mixing, the medicine and slurry fully mixed evenly, Mixing barrel is necessary industrial blender machine to increase the reaction time and strengthen the quality of drug reaction.

1. The utility model has the advantages of a compact structure, good sealing performance, and a baffle plate arranged at the feed inlet to prevent the water mist from reversing the string.
2. Mixing Uniform, Mixing Blade fan-shaped, mixing with the medium contact area.
3. Multi-row nozzle, even and adjustable water quantity.
4. Low residual ash rate, at the bottom of the watershed box to ensure that equipment setting is without the dead angle.
5. The Mine Mixing Drum has advanced performance, stable quality, and even mixing and rapid discharging.

JXSC supplies a tailor-made stainless steel mixing tank with an agitator, adopts advanced mixing technology, a mineral mixer tank with factory price, a flotation machine, and other gold mining equipment to obtain efficiency. chemical tanks, steel tanks, carbon steel mixing tanks, carbon steel mixing tanks, blending tanks, and stainless steel tanks for sale.

Mixing tank

Product Structure

Mineral mixing tank, also known as mixing tank, mineral mixing tank with an agitator, is widely used for mixing pulp before the flotation process/leaching process/CIP process, to make the pulp and medicament mixed intensively, creates the condition for the Mine selection working.
As a leading global manufacturer of the mining machine, JXSC is perfectly oriented to meet the opportunities and challenges of a broadening global market, serving mineral processing projects worldwide. We can satisfy your requirements with our professional expertise gained from 30 years of experience in the design, manufacturing of wide applications in the mining industry.

Technical Parameters

Diameter of tankm11.522.533.5
Volume of tankm30.582.25.4611.219.130
Impeller diameterm0.240.40.550.650.70.85
Impeller speedr/min530320230200210230

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