Spiral Classifier

Spiral Classifier

【Capacity】 21-1785 Tons Per Day

【Moto Power】3-44 Kw

【Spiral Diameter】500-3000 mm

【Processible Materials】Natural sand, artificial sand, machine-made sand.

【Application】Clean mud and water or work with a ball mill to control material size.

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The Spiral Classifier is available with spiral diameters up to 120″. These classifiers are built in three models with 100%, 125%, and 150% spiral submergence with straight side tanks or modified flared or full flared tanks.

The spiral classifier is one of the size-classifying equipment for the mining industry. It is a kind of equipment for mineral classification based on the principle that the specific gravity of solid particles and the speed of precipitation in the liquid are different. It can filter the powder from the mill, screw the coarse material into the mill inlet with the spiral slice, and discharge the filtered fine material from the overflow pipe. Spiral classifier is short for the classifier. The classification machine mainly has the high weir type single screw and the double screw, the sinking type single screw, and the double screw four kinds of classification machines. The classifier mainly comprises a transmission device, a spiral body, a trough body, a lifting mechanism, a lower bearing (Bush), and a discharge valve. Spiral classifier is widely used in mineral processing plants with a ball mill as a closed-circuit circuit to separate the flow of ore sand, or used in gravity concentrators to grade ore sand and fine mud, and metal beneficiation processes to grade the size of ore pulp and washing operations in the desliming hopper, dehydration, and other operations.

Spiral Classifier Features
1. Low power consumption;
2. Heavy-duty, long working life;
3. Powerful self-contained spiral lifting device;
4. Continuous spiral raking;
5. High classifying efficiency;
6. Wide choice of weir height;
7. Rigid tank and substructure;
8. Wide choice of tank design;
9. A wide range of industries serviced.

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Spiral Classifier

Product Structure

Spiral classifier is by means of solid particles of different sizes, the proportion of different, thus settling velocity in liquids of different principles, fine mineral particles floating in the water to overflow out of coarse mineral particles sink to the bottom. Discharged from the screw into the upper part, to a hierarchical classification of mechanical equipment, can mill to grind the material powder level in the filter, and then use the course material helical screw rotary vane into the mill feed, the filter out the fine material is discharged from the overflow pipe. The machine base is made of a channel steel body with steel plates welded together. Into the head of the screw shaft, shaft, using pig iron, wear-resistant and durable, lifting devices of electric and manual.
The main types of the spiral classifier are high Weir single screw and double screw, low weir single screw and double screw, sinking single screw and double screw Mainly High Weir type and sinking type and XL spiral classifier.

Technical Parameters



Spiral Diameter (mm)Spiral Speed (r/min)TankProcess Capacity (t/24h)Drive Motor (kw) Lift Motor (kw)
L (mm)W(mm)Slope(°)Over Flow Returned Sand
FG-12Φ12005, 6, 76500137210.5°-14°1501145-16005.52.2
FG-15Φ15002.5, 4, 68265166414°-18.5°2351140-27407.52.2
FG-24Φ24003.6, 5.4, 6.39160260014°-18.5°580680011/152.2
2FG-12Φ12005, 6, 76500262014°-10.5°3002290-32005.5 x 22.2 x 2
2FG-15Φ15002.5, 4, 68265320014°-18.5°4602240-53607.5 x 22.2 x 2
2FG-20Φ20005.48400429614.5°-18.5°8001188015 x 22.2 x 2
2FG-24Φ24003.6, 5.4, 6.39160504014°-18.5°11601360011 x 2 / 15 x 22.2 x 2
2FG-30Φ30003.1712500630014°-18.5°17852330022 x 24 x 2


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