Gold Trommel Scrubber

Gold Trommel Scrubber

Capacity】 1-400 T/H
Function】 Gold trommel scrubber can effectively wash and sieve ore material which contains sticky clay and mud, and prevents clogging.
Models & Types】Fixed type and portable type
Application】 Gold dredger, quartz mine, limonite ore, nonferrous ore, construction use sand and gravel washing, etc.

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DescriptionGold trommel scrubber, also known as rotary screen ore washer, or cylinder screen washer. It is a multi-purpose hydraulic cleaning soil, and sticky mud equipment which both have a cleaning function and a screening function. That is, the Trommel scrubber machine not only can preliminary clean the raw materials but also sieves them by particles.
The Trommel washing machine is placed before a crusher, gravity separator, magnetic separator, and flotation to avoid clogging and improve beneficiation efficiency.
Feeding Material】Particle size up to 200-300mm, mud content greater than 20%.
Discharge Material】The gold trommel scrubber washing machine does washing and grading at one time and divides the material into +40mm and -40mm; use a double spiral groove type washer to further clean and grade the -40mm material into +2mm and -2mm product.
Screen Mesh】Mesh size 8 – 50mm.
Screen material】 PU, manganese, or stainless steel, 1 layer, 2 layers.
Liner Plate】Natural rubber, spiral welded steel plate.

  1. Trommel scrubber with a good function for washing and screening.
  2. High production capacity (can be from 1T/H to 250 T/H).
  3. Low operating costs, easy maintenance, and low noise.
  4. The length diameter of the drum, screen mesh, mesh layer, liner plate, portable or stationary, and drive tire material are customizable. Small-scale gold wash plants and mini gold trommel are available.
  5. With Rubber tires driving, water spray pipes inside the screen.

Gold Trommel Price】 Affected by the material of the trommel screen, liner plate (eg. natural rubber or used rubber), motor power and brand (Siemens), reducer (K series), tire (natural rubber pneumatic tire), trommel thickness, electrical cabinet (variable frequency), etc. JXSC has an unrivaled price for the gold trommel and trommel wash plant. Contact us for the 12hrs quotation, and processing flow design & optimization service.

Gold Trommel Scrubber

Product Structure

Main Parts】Trommel scrubber washer machine with two parts: drum scrubber and screen. The drum scrubber is for washing ore, the screen is for sieving different size particles after washing.
Work Principle of Gold Trommel
A high-pressure flushing water pipe is arranged in the longitudinal direction of the cylinder. The rotation of the cylinder screen causes the ore to turn over and collide with each other, and with the hydraulic scouring, the clay is broken and cleaned.
The washing effect increases with the residence time of the ore in the return screen, the water pressure of the spray water, and the water consumption. In order to strengthen the mechanical action of the equipment, longitudinal steel bars for loose ore can be installed on the inner wall of the cylindrical sieve.

1. Prevent clogging: ore with more mud is easy to cause clogging of ore bin, chute, crushing, and screening equipment.
2. Concentrate enrichment: ore washer can gather some value minerals, such as manganese ore, apatite ore, iron oxide;
3. Improve product quality: washing machine remove the slime, improves the smelting uses limestone quality.
Gold Trommel Manufacturer】Gold Mining Equipment such as our gold trommel has hardened bolt in wear plates, oversized shafts and bearings, polygon drums, high tensile frames, and quick change urethane screens. JXSC gold equipment provider, professional gold trommel design service, gold trommel for sale!

Technical Parameters

ModelDrum Dia (mm)Drum & Screen Length (m)Screen Mesh Size (mm)Rotation Speed (r/min)Feeding Size (mm)Angle of Inclination(°)Capacity (t/h)Power (kW)


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