Alluvial Gold Washing Plant Solution

Alluvial Gold Washing Plant Solution

Release time:10 February 2018
Alluvial Gold

Alluvial/Placer gold deposits are gold-containing sand-mixed sediments formed after long-term weathering of vein gold deposits. Alluvial gold mining means mining from land surface or river or underground. Gold is in a free state in the sediments, and the difference in specific gravity between sand and gravel is obvious. Therefore, placer gold ore beneficiation methods and processes are usually used. Gold is extracted from placer gold mines by gravity separation.

The purpose of the placer gold ore beneficiation process is to maximize the recovery of gold ore and various associated heavy minerals from gangue minerals and then use combined operations such as gravity separation, mercury amalgamation, magnetic separation, and electrostatic separation to separate the gold ore and various associated heavy minerals. The minerals are separated from each other, thereby achieving the purpose of comprehensive recovery.

The placer gold ore beneficiation process is mainly used in seaside, riverside, or alluvial placers. The placer gold beneficiation process includes cracking, screening, desliming stages, separation operations, etc.

JXSC gold mining machine suit for various types of gold raw material: alluvial gold, placer gold, sand gold, river gold, gold tailing, etc.,

Following are some simple and traditional flow charts for alluvial gold processing.

Alluvial gold washing plant
Alluvial gold washing plant

Alluvial Gold Mining Process

Due to the low gold content in placer gold ores, generally, raw ores need to be sorted and then further purified to obtain high-grade concentrates. Therefore, the placer gold ore beneficiation process consists of two parts, namely separation and purification. In actual production, the placer gold ore also contains many gangue minerals. These veins need to be stone minerals screened out to avoid affecting the concentrate recovery rate. The overall treatment process of placer gold ore includes three steps: screening, sorting, and purification. Since the floatability of gold is superior to that of dry sand and gravel, and the gold in placer gold mines is dry-free, the flotation method is one of the more cost-effective and efficient methods. When purifying the concentrated placer gold concentrate, the mercury amalgamation method can be used, which can further improve the recovery rate of the concentrate.

The main gold processing includes feeding, washing, sieving, rough separation, final concentration, and refining. Because the gold density is much bigger than other minerals, so mainly use gravity separation.

Alluvial Gold Processing

  • Feeding
    Depending on the plant and material conditions, there are various ways of feeding. We can choose a vibrating hopper feeder, hopper, industrial conveyor belts, or wheel loader and excavator feed directly. Usually will make some grizzly bar on the feeding machine or hopper to remove big waste stones
  • Washing
    This process is for washing and cleaning the clay and mud in raw material. Gold trommel scrubber washers and washing trommel screens are the most popular.
    Gold trommel scrubber is for washing raw material with much sticky clay. Trommel screen is for washing raw material with no sticky clay.
  • Sieving
    After washing, need to sieve out some bigger waste material. The under-screen slurry will go to the next machine. This process can use a Trommel screen vibration screen or a high-frequency vibration screen.
  • Primary Concentration
    This process is for rough gold concentration and can use a gold centrifugal concentrator or jig separator. The concentrated ore from them will go to the final concentration machine.
  • Final Concentration
    The concentrated ore from the jig machine or centrifugal will go to the gold shaking table for the final concentration, which can get high-purity gold.
  • Tailing Recovery
    A gold sluice box is usually used to recover tailings from the centrifugal machine. So can get more gold.
  • Refining
    If some customer needs very high-purity gold and needs to smelt the gold bar for sale, they can use a gold smelting furnace to smelt gold dust to a gold bar.

The most effective process flowchart and most suitable process equipment s are always recommended per the customer’s request, gold ore conditions, and process capacity.

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