Heavy Hammer Crusher

Heavy Hammer Crusher

【Capacity】50-1200 TPH

【Feeding Size】≤1200 mm

【Power】75-500 kW

【Application】Suitable for crushing various medium-hard and brittle materials.

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The heavy hammer crusher is commonly used for crushing materials with compressive strength not exceeding 200MPa, such as limestone, gypsum, coal, marl, sandstone, and shale. It is widely used in mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, roads, fuel, and other departments.



  • Large feed particle size and high output
    The feed particle size of the hammer crusher can reach 1200 mm, and the output of a single hammer crusher can reach 1200 tons.
    The design of the crushing chamber conforms to the dynamic principle. The unique sieve plate-less structure increases the material throughput, can crush wet materials, and solves the problems of straightforward blockage and low output of traditional hammers.
  • Low energy consumption and low investment
    The heavy hammer crusher has a large feed particle size and a small discharge particle size. The one-time molding system ultimately realizes low-cost operation.
  • Environmentally friendly and less polluting
    It can crush wet materials. Add water when crushing wet materials to reduce dust pollution and protect workers’ health and the environment.
  • Excellent finished product particle size
    The material can be adjusted according to needs to meet various specifications.
Heavy Hammer Crusher

Product Structure

Heavy Hammer Crusher Structure
The central working part of the heavy hammer crusher is the rotor with the hammer (also called the hammerhead). The rotor consists of a central shaft, a disc, a pin, and a hammer.

Working principle
The motor drives the rotor to rotate in the crushing chamber at high speed. Materials enter the machine from the upper feed port and are crushed by the hammer. There is a screen plate at the lower part of the rotor. Crushed materials smaller than the screen hole size are discharged through the screen plate, while crushed materials larger than the screen hole size remain on the screen plate to continue crushing. After being struck and ground by a hammer, they are discharged through the sieve plate.

Technical Parameters

ModelRotor Dia (mm)Inlet Size W*L (mm)Feeding Size (mm)Capacity (t/h)Power (kW)Dimension (mm)



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