Vacuum Disk Filter

Vacuum Disk Filter

【Filtering Area】10-120 ㎡ 

【Capacity】0.85-1.2 t/h•m2

【Procession Material】Iron concentrate ore, iron tailing, manganese ore concentrate, manganese tailing, coals, etc.

【Application】Widely used in non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, power plants, coal treatment, sewage treatment, and other industries.

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The Vacuum Disk Filter consists of a slowly revolving drum, the lower half of whose circumference is submerged in the pulp to be filtered.
Disk Filters consist of a number of parallel, individual, cloth-covered disks mounted on a hollow shaft through which suction and compressed air may be applied.

  1. High vacuum (degree of vacuum 0.09 ~ 0.098 MPa), low cake moisture.
  2. Filtrate solids content <50 ppm. It can be repeatedly used to reduce emissions.
  3. Compared with conventional filtration equipment energy savings of about 90%, low energy consumption, and low running costs.
  4. Compared with traditional ceramic filter cake was washed increases for cleaning materials.
  5. Using PLC, PC combined with automatic valve control, and a high degree of automation, reduces labor intensity.
  6. Compact, small footprint, easy installation and maintenance.
  7. An advanced drainage system may be suitable for use under any working conditions.
Vacuum Disk Filter

Product Structure

Main Structure of Ceramic Vacuum Disc Filtering Machine
1. Rotor (roller)
2. Distribution head
3. Blender
4. Scraper
5. Slurry tank
6. Spindle gear
7. Vacuum pump
8. Filter
9. Ultrasound equipment
10. Water system
11. Gas system
12. Electrical system

Technical Parameters

Filtering Area (m2)1015202530354045506060728496108120
Filter Tray Qty (Pcs)2345678910125678910
Filter Tray Dia (mm)21003100
Power of Main Spindle Motor (KW)2.2345.55.57.511
Power of Stirring Motor (KW)345.57.57.51115
Discharge MethodBlowback 
Size (L*W*H)Length(mm)2535 292533153705409544854875526556556435473552355735623567357235
Width (mm)24804280
Height (mm)26903740
Capacity (t/h•m2)0.85-1.2 (t/h•m2)


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