Filter Press

Filter Press


【Filter Area】 20-500 m²

【Filter Chamber Volume】 0.24-7.96 m3

【Procesible Material】 Gold /coltan/ tin/ tungsten ore/iron ore/ manganese ore tailing, etc.

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Filter press is solid-liquid separation equipment that uses a special filter medium to apply a certain pressure on the object to make the liquid ooze out.
Types of filter press: plate-and-frame filter press, chamber type filter press, vertical filter press, belt filter press, membrane filter press.
The diaphragm filter press has been widely used in various fields that need solid-liquid separation. The diaphragm filter press is considered as an alternative to the conventional box filter press.
Membrane filter press (MKFP) used in sludge, and sewage treatment, the filter cake moisture content is the lowest already below 60%, compared with the traditional box pressure filter, filter cake containing solid rate can be increased by more than 2 times, highest cake transportation cost is greatly reduced, filter cake can be directly into power plant burning, really turned sludge into resources, sewage becomes clear spring, completely replace the box pressure filter.

1) Simple and easy to operate, low operation and maintenance cost, saving money.
2) Better dewatering effect, reducing the moisture content of cake within 20%-30%.
3) Automatic functions can be added, such as auto plate shifting, cake discharge, cloth washing, etc.
4) The main material of the frame is carbon steel: Q235 beams with rectangular tube seamless welding, special frame deformation, strong and durable.
5) Filter plates are made of pure PP, and do not contain other fillers. not recycled material, high strength, lightweight, corrosion resistant, acid, and alkali, non-toxic and tasteless.
6) Various kinds of filter cloth which suit different kinds of material, improving the filtering accuracy.
7) Special faucet with polypropylene materials, quick opening type die forming, strong and durable, high-temperature resistance, strong acid and alkaline.

Filter Press

Product Structure

The belt filter press series has the following features: compact structure, innovative design, easy to maintain and operate, large capacity, low water ratio of the filter cake, and good effect. Compared with other devices of the same type, it has the following advantages:

  • The first gravity filter section is inclined designed; it keeps sludge 1700mm from the land, increases the height of the gravity filter section, and enhances gravity filtering ability.
  • The gravity filter section is long, and the first section and second section totally up to 5m long ensures the sludge is fully dewatered before being pressed. At the same time, the gravity dewater section is equipped with inversion devices. After wedge-shaped and s-shaped filtering, the lowest water ratio sludge can be obtained.
  • The first dewatering roller adopts a “T”-type draining tank, quickly discharging a large amount of water, to increase the dehydration effect.
  • The automatic device is installed to avoid running deviation of the filter belt. The tension and moving speed of the filter belt can be freely adjusted. It is easy to maintain and operate.
  • Low noise, no vibration
  • Low consumption of chemical reagents

Technical Parameters

ModelFilter Area (m²)Number of Filter Plates (pcs)Dimensions
of The Filter Plate (mm)
Cake Thickness
Foundation Center (mm)Dimensions
Motor Power (kw)Overall Weight (kg)
XAMZ800U2020800 x 800 x 55250.240.522653215*1320*11602.22073
XAMZ1000U100621000 x 1000 x 60301.480.5-1.650206110*1460*136036200
XAMZ1250U150581250 x 1250 x 652.2653906920*1850*162011800
XAMZ1500U300771500 x 1500 x 70324.760.7-1.674509100*1960*17805.527000


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