Foot Water Pump

Foot Water Pump

【Max Head】<10 m

【Max Capacity】6 m/s

【Driving Type】Foot Power

【Material】Cast Iron

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The foot water pump is applied in developing world water solutions, drinking water treatment, family homes, irrigation and agriculture, raw water intake, washing and cleaning, water distribution, and water treatment solutions. It’s also used in car washing, fields, greening, remote mountain areas, mines, and sports equipment for body exercise.

The pedal pump is aimed at helping remote areas where there is a lack of electricity and fuel. It costs too much time and strength for people there to get water. The human-powered foot water pump is driven by only footsteps instead of electricity and fuel, is environment friendly, and is easy to install. The Foot Step Pump offers a good solution to the lack of an electric and fuel pump. It’s a green environmental production that is popular in the developing world.


  • It is ergonomically designed and easy to operate. A 10-year-old child can work it by 1H easily. It is suitable for all ages.
  • It’s only 21kg and easy to carry and move. No space limit.
  • Easy to get water Without electricity or fuel, also can get water from puddles, wells, pools, lakes, rivers and sea.
  • Easy to set up, use, and maintain without tools.
  • It’s also good fitness equipment to spend quality time with your family or friends.
  • It’s helpful for the house and car. It’s a good helper in washing cars, watering flowers, and feeding animals.
Foot Water Pump

Product Structure

A foot-operated pump is a type of pump that is designed to be operated by foot pressure, typically by stepping on a pedal or lever. These pumps are often used in various applications, including water pumping, inflating tires, and even in some musical instruments.

One common example of a foot-operated pump is the foot-operated air pump used for inflating bicycle tires or inflatable items like air mattresses or balloons. These pumps typically have a pedal that you step on to push air into the tire or inflatable object.

In some rural and remote areas, foot-operated water pumps draw water from wells or other water sources. These pumps work by converting the downward force applied by the user's foot into mechanical energy that moves a piston or diaphragm to draw water up from a source.

Overall, foot-operated pumps are a simple and effective way to perform tasks that require the application of mechanical force through foot pressure. Their design and operation can vary depending on their specific application and the intended use.

Technical Parameters

Most Pumping
Irrigation Capability Daily  Two-Cylinder PressureOutput WaterPipe  Size and Long
Under the earth’s surface 10m;
Above the earth’s surface 10m;
Pumping pressure 10m
2.5ACRE(10000 SQUARE METERS) 0.06 mpa6 m/sInput 8m,
Output 8m,
Diameter 25mm.

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