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The correct installation and use of filter press, maintenance carefully, and strict compliance with the safety rules are the necessary conditions to improve the use efficiency of the equipment, prolong the service life of the equipment and ensure safety in production. So the operator should master the correct method of operation, and should also be familiar with the basic structure and filter principle, in order to improve production efficiency and avoid unnecessary equipment accidents or damage. Following we will introduce the manual for filter press.

Filter Press Introduction

The filter press uses a special filter medium to exert a certain pressure on the object to make the liquid dialyze out of a kind of mechanical equipment, which is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment. It is widely used in medicine, the chemical industry, standard parts, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, non-standard screws, dyes, food, brewing, ceramics, oil refining, sewage treatment, and other environmental protection industries.

The filter press is used the differential pressure on both sides of the filter cloth, forcing the most water of material through the filter cloth, the outflow of the machine, and the materials were blocked by the filter chamber to be filter cake, in that way, to achieve the purpose of filtering. Because during the filtration, there is a large pressure difference on both sides of the filter cloth, so improves the filtering speed and reduces the cake moisture rate, and the use of a special filter cloth, the filtrate is pure, and the filtering effect is match better than the vacuum filter.

JXSC Mine Machinery makes various filter presses, such as plate-and-frame filter presses, chamber type filter presses, vertical filter presses, belt filter presses, membrane filter presses, and so on. They are all can be customized. So if you need something that meets your individual requirements we are able to supply a filter press according to your wishes. Feel free to contact us!

Our Filter Press Model Instructions

Filter Press Model Instructions

Types of Filter Press

The filter press can be divided into many types according to different methods.

  • According to various plates, filter presses generally include the following types: Plate Frame Filter Press, Chamber Filter Press, Membrane Filter Press, and Recessed Filter Press.

Advantages & Features

1. Plate Frame Filter Press

The Chamber of the plate frame filter press is consist of two plates and one frame (between both plates). This kind of filter press has the following advantages:
(1) Filter cloth can be easily installed and uninstalled.
(2) Besides filter cloth, additionally other filtering media can be added, such as filter paper, etc, to realize ultrafiltration.


2. Chamber Filter Press

With the development of plate technology, pate and frame are now combing together and chamber filter press become popular because chamber plates have the following advantages:
(1) Chamber plates can endure higher pressure.
(2) Convenient operation. Because of the two-in-one design, half-time of plate shifting can be saved.
(3) The feeding hole is in the center of the plate and the size is bigger, so blocking and bias pressure do not easily happen and can save a lot of filtering time.


3. Membrane Filter Press

Membrane plates are sandwich design and hollow. When feeding is finished, the membrane can be blown by compressed air (air source: air compressor), so that the final cake can be additionally squeezed to get the lower solid content.


4. Recessed Filter Press

The recessed plate is used CGR design to perfectly avoid leakage, it’s mainly used in some special fields, such as pharmaceuticals, rare metals, etc.,

  • According to different closing methods, a filter press can be divided into Manual Jack Filter Press, Mechanical Filter Press, and Hydraulic Filter Press. 
    Manual Jack Filter Press is easy to structure & operant. Normally it’s used for filtering areas 1-40 m2.
    Mechanical Filter Press is suitable for 10-100 m2. 
    Hydraulic Filter Press is mainly for 4-500 m2 or much bigger.
  • According to the liquid discharging methods, the filter press is divided into Open filtrate and Close filtrate.
open & close filtrate

Close filtrate: filtered liquid is discharged via the pipe, which is consisted of the outlet of all plates. It is mainly used for special slurries, such as toxic, volatile, etc.,
Open filtrate: filtered liquid is discharged via the outlet on every plate. The open filtrate is widely used because if the filter cloth is damaged, it can directly find the problem soon. (If the filter cloth is broken, the liquid will be not clean. Please turn off the tap and repair the cloth after discharge.)

  • According to the final cake whether needs washing or not, the filter press is divided into a cake washable filter press and a cake no-wash filter press.
  • According to customers’ individual requirements, we could manufacture special filter press: Carton Iron Filter Press, Stainless Steel Press, High-Temperature Filter Press, High-Pressure Filter Press, etc., to satisfy customers’ various needs.

How to Use Filter Press?

Before the operation, please check the followings:
1. The holes on the clothes math plates.
2. The feeding hole of the cloth is clamped by the filter cloth clip or sewn by a cloth tube.
3. The feeding hole on the plates and the holes on the cloth must be concentric.
4. The filter cloth must be flat and ensure no damage.
5. The cloth holes must little smaller than plate holes.

1. Manul Jack Filter Press

Structure of Manual Filter Press

Manul Filter Press Structure

Operating Procedures

  1. Close plates: Put the handle into the jack and adjust the direction valve. Then rotate the handle clockwise until can not move.
  2. If slipping happens, please change the direction using the direction valve.
  3. Normally one person’s strength is ok as closing pressure. If leakage happens while filtering, please increase the closing pressure.
  4. Open plates: Adjust the direction valve and rotate the handle anticlockwise.
  5. After filtration, pull back the closing plate and discharge cakes by pulling every plate.

2. Mechanical Filter Press

Structure of Mechanical Filter Press

Mechanical Filter Press Structure

Operating Procedures

  1. Close plates: Press the “Forward” button and the motor will squeeze the plates automatically. The strength has been set before delivery, so it’s forbidden to adjust it without permission.
  2. Open plates: Press the “Back” button and the motor will loose the plates automatically.
  3. Pull back plates and discharge cakes.
  4. The motor protector has to be set before delivery. It’s forbidden to adjust it without permission.

3. Hydraulic Filter Press

Structure of Hydraulic Filter Press

Hydraulic Filter Press Structure

Operating Procedures

  1. Close plates: Press the “Forward” button and the motor will squeeze the plates automatically. After closed the pressure should be maintained at around 16-18 MPa by a pressure meter with electric contact.
  2. After closing plates, the slurry can be fed in and the feeding pressure should not be overrated value. Otherwise, the leakage might happen.
  3. If the pressure can not reach the set highest pressure, please adjust the high-pressure relief valve (Just a little.), then lock it.
  4. If change the relief valve, please adjust the relief valve from low pressure to high pressure slowly and finally reach the rated value.
  5. Relief valves have been set before delivery, please do not adjust them without authorization.
  6. While feeding the slurry at first, please open the return valve in advance to ensure the slurry can be fed into filter chambers slowly. After 15 minutes, please turn off the return valve.
  7. If the feeding pressure is over the rated pressure, please open the return valve.
  8. Open plates: Press the “Back” button and the motor will loose the plates automatically. Then discharge cakes.

4. Automatic Filter Press

Structure of Automatic Filter Press

Mechanical Filter Press Structure

Operating Procedures

  1. Close plates: Please check the upper limit pointer of the pressure meter is at 18 MPa and the lower limit pointer is at 16 MPa. Then press the “Forward” button and the motor will squeeze the plates automatically.
  2. Keeping pressure: When the hydraulic motor stops, please open the feeding valve and ensure the pressure is under rated pressure. The pressure will maintain automatically. If the closing pressure reaches the lower limit of the meter, the hydraulic station can complement pressure by itself.
  3. When filtration is finished, please press the “Back” button, and the closing plate will be pulled back automatically.
  4. Then press the “Discharge” button, and the plate shifter will pull backplates automatically to realize discharge.

5. Membrane Filter Press

Structure of Membrane Filter Press

Automatic Filter Press Structure

Operating Procedures

  1. Procedures of plate closing and back are the same as others.
  2. When filtration is finished, please open the air feeding valve. The compressed air will inflate the membrane plate to squeeze cakes additionally so that the liquid content is lowest.
  3. After air squeezing, please close the air feeding valve in order to discharge the air into the membrane plates. Then discharge cakes.

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