Gemini Shaking Table

Gemini Shaking Table

Feeding Concentration】15%-30%
Feeding Size】0-2mm
Application】Gemini shaking table is a gravity separator machine that can separate Gold, Tin, Tantalum, Niobium, Tungsten, Iron, Chrome, Zircon, etc.,
Service】Shake table design, mineral separation test, process flow design, on-site installation.

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Gemini Shaking Table】 It is also known as a precious metal table and works according to the specific gravity prince. It’s ideal for grain sizes between 30 microns and 2mm.
The Gemini shaking table is specially designed for precious metals such as Gold, Palladium, tantalum, and copper.
Types of Gemini Shaking Tables】There are two types: Gemini Table laboratory type & Gemini Table industrial type.
Gemini Shaking Table Features
1. Direct, fixed-speed feed system.
2. Simple operation.
3. Adjustable feed rate.
4. Gemini shaker table can be operated in batch or continuous mode.
5. Available for single or three-phase power supply.
6. No massive foundation is required.
7. Deck constructed of hard-wearing gel coat with GRP backing.
8. It can maximize the concentration rate in the ore with its low energy consumption.

Gemini Shaking Table

Product Structure

Gemini Shaking Table Structure】It consists of transmission, electronic motor or by diesel, slope adjuster, bed, ore groove, water groove, and lubricating system.

1. Transmission
The transmission is of rugged construction and requires minimum maintenance. Its internal mechanism is splash lubricated from an integral oil pump.

2. Decks
The decks are built of 16 mm zircon-reinforced fiberglass with fabricated steel frames at the bottom and are easy to clean, not have common maintenance. The fiberglass decks have characteristics of water resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. Feed box and water box
A wooden feeding box with a hooper and long water box are attached to the iron of the deck, to make feeding evenly.

How Does Gemini Shaking Table Work?】The Gemini Table has been specifically designed for the recovery of fine gold to a directly smeltable concentrate. The direct drive system incorporates a geared motor, driving a crank connected to the table deck. The crank includes a spring connection system to absorb overrun. The bump stop system provides a fine-tuning mechanism. Table tuning is achieved by adjusting a single screw.

Technical Parameters

FeedFeed Rate Nominal(kg/h)30115450
Feed Density Recommended (%solids w/w)60-7060-7060-70
Feed Size Nominal Top – Microns800-1000800-1000800-1000
Wash WaterNominal Wash Water Requirements(L/min)122538
Nominal Wash Water Pressure(kPa)303030
Operating DimensionsLength(mm)149021802800
Wash Water(L/Min)122538
Aoorixunate Packed DimensionsL*W*H(m)1.42*1.10*1.212.20*1.50*1.502.80*1.90*1.50
Packed Weight(KG)250420540


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