Sluice Mat

Sluice Mat

The sluice mat is a necessary wearing part for the gold sluice box in alluvial gold beneficiation, it can significantly improve the beneficiation rate of small alluvial gold ores yet with the minimum investment. 

Our Sluice Mats made in China from JXSC Mine Machinery are heavy-duty, flexible, excellent heat, and Ultraviolet rays resistant. They are designed for large commercial mining operations. yet suitable for standard sluicing operations.

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  • Easy to customize the size to fit gold sluices
  • Excellent performance while working with gold sluice boxes
  • High gold recovery rate
  • Cheap price, minimum investment
  • High resistant.
  • PE, PVC, Polyester+Polypropylene materials mats to choose from
Sluice Mat

Product Structure

【Sluice Mat Working Principle】
In alluvial gold equipment, the gold sluice mat is used as alluvial gold enrichment equipment to recover alluvial gold. Its basic principle is to sieve the ore with a particle size of less than 2cm from the grading sieve and enter one or more gold sluice boxes. When the mineral material enters the chute/box, adjust the size and speed of the water flow, adjust the angle of the placer gold chute, use hydraulic action to discharge the light sand and mud water in the mineral material, and the heavy mineral material will stay on the gold sluice mat. After several hours of continuous work like this, replace the new gold sluice mat and continue to work, wash away the heavy mineral material on the replaced sluice mat, and what you get is the gold-containing mineral material.

Technical Parameters

PE material grass sluice mat for gold rush

PE material grass sluice mat

PE24mm, 26mm, 29mm100×1500 cm/rollGreen, Black80Kg/roll
Polyester sluice mat
Polyester and Polypropylene material sluice gold mat
Polyester+Polypropylene14mm-16mmLength: 10m-40m, Width: Max width up to 3m/1700gsm
V ribbed rubber gold sluice mat
Rubber Material V Ribbed Sluice Mat
Rubber15mmLength: 100cm, Width: 15cmBlack1.7kg/pc


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