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Jaw Crusher Wear / Spare Parts

Jaw crushers are commonly used coarse crushing equipment in stone crushing production lines. They are usually used for first crushing and especially for crushing bulky materials. The working environment is extremely harsh, and the requirements for the machine are relatively high. The common wearing parts of jaw crusher mainly include movable jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, side(liner) plate, eccentric shaft, toggle plate(bracket), bearing, and so on.

jaw plate
Jaw Plate

Jaw plate(movable and fix)

The jaw plates are also called jaw dies. A set of jaw plates are composed of the swing jaw(movable jaw) and stationary jaw(fixed jaw) plate. The jaw plated are the most frequently replaced wear parts of a jaw crusher what determine the jaw crusher’s crushing efficiency and operating time. So their quality is the key.

Eccentric shaft for jaw crusher
Eccentric Shaft

Eccentric shaft

The eccentric shaft is the main shaft of the jaw crusher, which is subject to substantial bending torque and is made of high-carbon steel.

The eccentric part must be fine finishing and heat treated, and the bearing lining must be cast with Babbitt alloy.

One end of the eccentric shaft is equipped with a pulley, and the other is equipped with a flywheel.

jaw crusher bearing


The bearing is an essential part of the jaw crusher and generally uses spherical roller bearings.


  • It is easy to cause failure and damage the bearing under high temperatures.
  • Improper lubrication and maintenance of the bearing will affect its life.
jaw crusher liner plate
Liner Plate

Liner plate(side plate)

The liner plate of the jaw crusher locates between the fixed and movable jaw plates, and its primary function in the whole body is to protect the jaw crusher frame wall from damage.

Tips: In the actual production operation, it is necessary to regularly check the side plate of the jaw crusher, perform essential maintenance and maintenance, and replace them regularly to ensure the machine’s regular operation and production efficiency.

jaw crusher toggle plate
Toggle Plate

Toggle plate(bracket)

The toggle plate is usually made of cast iron. It’s a simple and low-cost but very important part of the jaw crusher.

Two functions of toggle plate

  1. Push the movable jaw to do work and crusher stones.
  2. Act as a fuse to protect the jaw machine from damage by breaking itself when iron and superhard materials that cannot be broken are fed.

Other wear parts

V-belt, liner seat(bracket support), locking spring, and so on.

jaw crusher
jaw crusher parts

Jaw Crusher Parts OEM Brands

  • Sandvik


Note: We don’t cooperate with these brands. All parts we supply are manufactured and warranted by us and are not manufactured by or purchased from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

METSONordberg C SeriesC106, C116, C120, C130, C150, C160, C200
METSOLokotrack LT SeriesLT96, LT106, LT116, LT120, LT120E, LT130E
SANDVIKCJ SeriesCJ815, CJ615, CJ613, CJ612, CJ412, CJ411
SANDVIKCM SeriesCM815, CM615, CM613, CM612, CM412, CM411
SANDVIKJM SeriesJM1107, JM1108, JM1208, JM1211, JM1312, JM1511, JM1513, JM806, JM907
SANDVIKUJ SeriesUJ310, UJ440E, UJ440i(CM1208i), UJ540(CM1211), UJ640(CM1511)
SANDVIKEXTEC & FINTECC-10, C-10+, C-12, C-12+, QJ240/241, QJ330/331, QJ340/341, QJ341+
KLEEMANN MC100 R EVO, MC110 R EVO, MC110 Z EVO, MC120 Z PRO,MC125 Z, MC140 Z, MC160 PRR
TELSMITH H2238, H2550, H3244, H3450, 3258 Hydraulic, 3858 Hydraulic, Iron Giant Series, 3042/3055/3648
TEREXFINLAYJ-960, J-1160, J-1170AS, J-1170, J-1175, J-1280, J-1480
TEREXCedarapidsJC2236, JW42, JW55, JC3660, JS3750, JS4552, JC5460, MJ400R, MJ42, MJ47, MJ55, CRJ3042, CRJ3255, CRJ3750
KEMCO F3, F4, F80N, STK4, STK5, A6S, A7S, A9S


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  • Jaw Crusher Parts:  Movable and fixed jaw plate, side plate, eccentric shaft, toggle plate, bearing, and support seat.
  • Impact Crusher Parts: Blow bars, impact plates, breaker plates, side liners, rotor.

Grinding Mill PartsHead linings, shell linings, discharge parts, trunnion linings, grinding media(ball mill balls), etc.,

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