Small / Medium Scale Gold Panning & Prospecting Equipment

Gold panning equipment consists of tools and devices to extract gold particles from sediment in rivers, streams, or other gold-bearing environments. Small and medium-scale gold panning involves using essential tools and equipment for extracting gold from rivers or streams. These equipment sets cater to varying capacities and complexities based on the scale of the operation.

Gold prospecting involves the exploration and search for gold deposits. Various tools aid prospectors in this endeavor, enabling them to survey, locate, and extract gold. Gold prospecting tools vary in complexity and usage, but each plays a crucial role in the exploration and extraction of gold.

Gold Panning Equipment & Gold Prospecting Tools

Small to medium-scale gold panning and prospecting typically involve various equipment and tools specifically designed for these operations. Here’s an overview of some essential equipment and tools for these scales:

Gold Panning Equipment

  • Gold Pan: The foundational tool used to separate gold from sediment by swirling a mixture of water, gravel, and sediment in the pan.
  • Classifier or Sieve: To filter larger rocks and debris from finer sediment and gold particles. It helps in separating smaller particles for more effective panning.
  • Sniffer Bottle or Sucker Bottle: Used to collect small gold flakes and nuggets found during panning.
  • Trowel and Shovel: Essential for digging and accessing deeper layers of sediment near riverbanks where gold might be concentrated.
  • Safety Gear: Gloves, boots, and eye protection for safety during the gold panning process.

JXSC Machine is a professional mining equipment manufacturer in China. It provides various tools and equipment for small-scale to larger-scale gold prospecting and mining operations.

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Gold Prospecting Equipment & Tools

  • Metal Detector: Helps locate buried gold or gold nuggets, especially in areas where gold is more deeply embedded.
  • Sluice Box: More efficient than a gold pan, it uses riffles and mats to trap gold particles while water and sediment pass through. It’s ideal for processing larger amounts of material.
  • Drywasher: Useful in dry regions for extracting gold from sediment without water.
  • Highbanker: A sluice box set up near a river or stream and uses a pump to process larger volumes of material.
  • Dredge: Larger and more powerful than a high banker, a dredge is used to extract substantial volumes of material from riverbeds or streams.
  • Rock Hammer and Chisel: Used for breaking and examining rock formations where gold might be embedded.
  • GPS and Maps: Navigation tools and geological maps help prospectors plan and locate potential gold-bearing areas.

Our Small Gold Panning & Prospecting Equipment

Automatic Gold Panning Machine

The light, compact, and very portable machine makes prospecting easier

Automatic Gold Panning Machine

【Capacity】2-3 T/D

【Recovery Rate】95-98%

Typically used by hobbyists, small-scale miners, or individuals who want to speed up the gold panning process.

Gold Suction Dredge Boat

Powerful and versatile mining tool – invaluable for extracting gold from riverbeds

Gold Dredge Boat

【Work Capacity】5-13 m³/h

【Gold Sluice】With sluice mat

Specifically designed to operate in extremely remote and challenging locations, suit for small river operations.

The new vibrating bowl concentrator, mini gold separator, or small gasoline gold panning machine is popular in outdoor gold mining. It’s sold out for customers such as Zimbabwe, Guatemala, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Suriname, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Angola, Canada, Thailand, Chile, Peru, the United States, Australia, etc.

Our new “Mini Gold Dredgers” series with a gold chute can achieve a high recovery rate. It is portable, small, hot sale, quick return & high profits. The gold dredger is customizable.

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Mercury Amalgamation Machine

Small investment, easy operation, and 99% gold recovery rate

Mercury Amalgamation Machine

【Capacity】0.5-2 t/h
【Feeding Size】≤15 mm
【Motor Power】0.75-1.5 kw

It can be directly used for gold panning in mud and can also be used for concentrate purification.

Small Mercury Distiller 

A device used to separate mercury from other substances through distillation

Small Mercury Distiller

【Capacity】10-15 kg/time
【Diameter】140-150 mm
【Weight】18 kg

Suit for laboratory-scale applications or situations where only a limited amount of mercury needs to be processed.

Mercury Mixing Shaker

Small size, easy carry, simple operation, high efficiency, compact design gold panning equipment

Mercury Mixing Shaker

Capacity】4-10 t/h
Deck Layer】1-2 Layers

Suit for the placer gold separation of small and medium-sized mines. Good effect with mercury amalgamation.

Gold mercury amalgamation machine is the traditional gold refining machine. It’s been widely used to mix mercury and gold concentrate to get pure gold. Our gold amalgamator is newly designed and has a nice outcome. It’s good for particulates with good fluidity or powder, and the mixing degree can reach 97% to 98%. It is widely used in the chemical, medicine, and light industries.

The small mercury distiller is known as an amalgam retort. It is widely used in small gold mining plants to evaporate the Hg from the Hg+ gold mixture and refine the pure gold. Our special water cooling device ensures the mercury is completely liquefied.

The mercury mixing shaker, also known as mercury amalgamation shaker, gold panning shaker, placer gold separation shaker, or plastic chute shaker, is a commonly used gold panning equipment in small and medium-sized mines’ placer gold separation process. It can be driven by a diesel engine or electric motor. The recovery rate of our mercury amalgamation shaker is as high as 99%.

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Gold Panning Process

Mercury Amalgamation & Mercury Distiller Solution

The process flow of the mercury amalgamating machine in the gold panning process:

Mercury amalgamation machine (mercury amalgamation) → Mercury sand separator → Paste steaming machine → Gold melting furnace → Graphite Boat Crucible→ Gold bars or gold bricks

Gold Panning Process
Gold Panning Process
amalgam retort

The gold that comes out of the mercury amalgamation machine is the gold that has been coated with mercury and then enters the amalgam separator and mercury evaporator. This equipment is also a device that replaces manual mercury extrusion. Can separate mercury from gold. The mercury separated from gold and mercury by this equipment can be recycled, which greatly reduces the cost. Put the remaining gold into the gold-melting furnace; the gold turns into liquid after being smelted in the gold-melting furnace. Pour the liquid gold into the graphite boat crucible and form it into gold bricks or bars for sale.

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