Log Washer

Log Washer

【Capacity】 10-150 T/H

【Motor Power】4-55 Kw

【Spiral Diameter】320-1200 mm

【Application】Mine, quarry, sand field. It is widely used in washing various easy-to-wash and difficult-to-wash ores.

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The log washer is widely used for washing various easy-to-wash and difficult-to-wash ores. If the mud content in the ore is more than 20%, it will block the crusher and the chute. The log washer can make the ore containing more than 20% mud be spirally stirred and scrubbed in the ore washer to separate the ore and soil.

The log washer is large-scale equipment used in ferrous and non-ferrous metal mines, steel industry, metallurgy, chemicals, and building materials to wash ores and stones. The large processing capacity of the ore washing machine is the ideal equipment to meet high productivity requirements for the cleanliness of ore and stone. Ore washing can prevent the mud in the mud-containing mineral raw materials from blocking the crushing and screening equipment. If the raw material contains soluble useful or harmful substances, ore washing should also be carried out. Log washing machines are widely used in mining, coal, smelting, and other industries.

Log Washer

Product Structure

【Log Washer Structure】
The log washer is mainly composed of a transmission device, a spiral, a tank body, a lower support, an overflow tank, etc.,
1. Transmission device: It is the power for spiral work. The motor drives the spiral to rotate through the V-belt, reducer, and gear.
2. Spiral: The main working part of the machine, which plays a role in stirring minerals. The main shaft is a square shaft welded by channel steel. The upper is installed on the frame of the transmission device, and the lower is installed on the lower support. The spiral blades are made of spring steel plates.
3. Tank body: It is the machine's body welded by various types of steel and steel plates.
4. Lower support: Its function is to support the spiral shaft.
5. Overflow tank: Discharge muddy water and debris.

【Log Washer Working Principle】
Material is fed into the hull of the log wash where it is spread into the base of the log and hit with significant water flow. At this point, the paddle design maneuvers the material up the log at a slight angle. Throughout this travel, the contents are agitated and the material-on-material attrition is used to liberate and clean the materials as they travel up the log. The silts and light fraction are floated down the log using a contraflow water system, ensuring a clean material is discharged from the mouth of the log washer.

Technical Parameters

ModelSpiral Dia.
Rotating Speed
Feeding Size
Tank Slope
Motor Power(kW)Weight


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