Flotation Machine

Flotation Machine

【Capacity】: 0.18-20m³/min

【Feeding size】: 0-2mm

【Application】: copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold, etc., and also be used for coarse selection and selection of black metal and nonmetal.

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Flotation machine in the ore dressing, mainly used for separating copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold, and other Non-ferrous metal, can also be used for Ferrous, non-metallic crude and selected.

After mixing the crushed ore with water and flotation reagent, the ore is mixed into a slurry tank, which is filled with air to form a large number of air bubbles. Some mineral particles which are not easily wet by water attach to the air bubbles and float to the surface of the pulp together with the air bubbles The formation of mineralized bubble layer, some easy to be water wet, hydrophilic mineral particles not attached to the bubble, and stay in the pulp, will contain specific minerals mineralized bubble discharge, so as to achieve the goal of mineral processing.

1. High flotation efficiency and low energy consumption.
2. Long Service Life of wearing parts.
3. The flotation machine is equipped with high self-configuration, and has the functions of suction, pulp suction, and flotation, and does not need any auxiliary equipment.
4. Mechanical Mixing, easy to operate and adjust.
5. It can combine with other mineral equipment, sand making machines, sand washing machines to separate ore, the effect is better.

Flotation Machine

Product Structure

The metallurgist flotation mainly made up of slurry-supporting Trough, mixing device, aeration device, mineralized bubble discharging device and motor. Flotation cell is mainly used to select nonferrous metals such as copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold, etc., and also be used for coarse selection and selection of black metal and nonmetal.
With the poor, fine, hybridized primary mineral resources and the increasing complexity of mineral processing technology, energy consumption, and production costs, it is necessary to strengthen the research of flotation equipment in the following aspects. JXSC, focus on the mineral equipment business since 1985, CE, SGS certified.

Technical Parameters

ModelVolumeCell sizeImpeller Dia.Impeller speedCapacityPowerSinge cell weight
SF-0.70.7820×900×9503504000.3-0.93/1.1 805

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