Trommel Sand Screening Machine

Trommel Sand Screening Machine

【Capacity】20-160 m3/h

【Mesh Size】8mm, replaceable

【Motor Power】0.5-15kw

【Applicable Materials】Classification and screening of medium and fine-grained materials

【Application】Mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical industry, and other industries.

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Trommel sand screening machine is a kind of screening equipment for grading according to the particle size of materials. It is also called a drum screening machine. The processed sand, sand, gravel, and other mixed materials are automatically separated.

Trommel sand screening machines are widely used in product classification in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical, and other industries. It is commonly used to classify and screen medium and fine-grained materials. The working efficiency is higher than 10 times that of manual screening.


  1. The sieve hole is not easy to be blocked.
  2. Reasonable design, compact structure, easy to move and maintain. It only takes ten minutes to replace the screen body.
  3. The loader loads the material once, without conveying, and directly screens it.
  4. Wet sand can be screened normally, unaffected by the weather.
Trommel Sand Screening Machine

Product Structure

【Trommel Sand Screening Machine Structure】
The drum sand screening machine mainly comprises a cylindrical drum, frame, hopper, reducer, motor, conveyor belt, and so on.

【Trommel Sand Screening Machine Working Principle】
Imitating the working principle of manually using the inclined screen to sieve sand, after the stone enters the drum through the hopper, it is screened as the drum rotates on the one hand. The sieve is gradually sifted out.

Technical Parameters

ModelCapacity(m3/h)Hopper Size(m)Screen Size(m)Conveyor Belt Size(m)Mesh Size(mm)Motor Power(Main Motor + Screen Motor + Vibration Motor)Dimensions(m)
JXSC-S20202.3*1.11.5*0.64*0.58mm (replaceable)4kw + 3kw + 0.5kw4.3*1.1*2.2
JXSC-S30S30-502.7*1.12*0.66*0.54kw + 3kw + 0.5kw6*1.1*2.4
JXSC-S30L60-803.5*1.53*0.88*0.87.5kw + 4kw + 0.5kw8.2*1.6*3.2
JXSC-S50100-1403.8*1.63.5*19*111kw + 4kw + 0.5kw9.3*2*3.5
JXSC-S80130-1604.1*1.74*1.211*1.215kw + 5.5kw + 0.5kw11*2.2*3.7


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