Spiral Chute

Spiral Chute

【Capacity】: 0.15-10 T/H

【Feeding Size】: 0.04-2 mm

【Application】: Iron, tin, tungsten, tantalum-niobium, gold ore, coal mine, monazite, rutile, zircon, and other metals.

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Spiral Chute is the best equipment for mining and mineral processing, which combines the characteristics of the spiral concentrator, shaking table, and Centrifugal concentrator. It is made of fiberglass lined with wear-resistant polyurethane and corundum cover, light moisture-proof, anti-rust.
The spiral separator has the advantages of a small occupation area, small water consumption, simple structure, no energy consumption, large capacity, easy installation, easy operation, and small investment.

We supply different types of gravity separation equipment, such as gold centrifugal concentrators, shaking tables, and wet spiral concentrators(see our Mining equipment list). Spiral classifier applied in different conditions of extraction process dense media separation. Besides, the spiral chute design is available. Email us to know the spiral classifier price.

Spiral Chute

Product Structure

The Spiral separator/ spiral chute is the earliest mining machine. It has been used to classify the granularity 0.3-0.02 millimeters fine grain like iron, tin, tungsten, tantalum-niobium, gold ore, coal mine, monazite, rutile, zircon, and other metals. The non-metallic minerals which have a big enough specific gravity difference.
【Spiral chute principle】Raise the spiral chute and fix it in the proper position, sand pump send the ore to the feed inlet, adding water to adjust the concentration of the slurry. The slurry naturally swirls from high to low and generates an inertial centrifugal force in the rotating bevel flow rate. The mineral is separated from the sand by the gravity and centrifugal force of the swirl by the difference in specific gravity, grain size and shape of the ore. The concentrate flows into the concentrate bucket and is connected by the pipeline. The tail sand flows into the tailing sand bucket and is connected to the sand pool by the pipeline, and then drained by the sand pump to complete the whole process of the beneficiation.

Technical Parameters

Outside Dia (mm)200015001200900600400
Pitch (mm)1200900,675900, 720, 540675, 540, 405450, 360, 270240, 180
Pitch Dia Ratio0.60.48, 0.360.75, 0.6, 0.450.75, 0.6, 0.450.75, 0.6, 0.450.6, 0.45
Lateral Slope
Number of Installed Spiral Heads22-42-42-422
Feeding Size (mm)2-0.042-0.042-0.042-0.042-0.042-0.04
Feeding Density(%)30-5530-5525-5525-5525-5525-55
Capacity (T/H)7-103-53-42-30.8-1.20.15-0.2
SizeLength (mm)2120160013601060700460
Width (mm)2120160013601060700460
Height (mm)560053005230400026001500
Weight (Kg)120080060040015050


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