Coal Pulverizer & Injection Machine

Coal Pulverizer & Injection Machine

【Feeding Size】 ≤ 20mm
【Output Size】 ≤ 0.08mm
【 Processible Materia】Coal
【Application】Machinery, cement, metallurgy, mining, foundry, chemical industry, woodworking, rubber, electric power, and other industries.

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The coal pulverizer and injection machine is a combined machine of hammer mill crushing and centrifugal air supply used for pulverizing coal and spraying coal powder directly into the combustion chamber for combustion in various reaction furnaces, boilers, drying kilns, tunnel kilns, annealing ( annealing) kiln, etc.

【MP Series Coal Pulverizer】
The MP series coal pulverizer is based on the mechanical principle of high-speed rotation to complete the supply, crushing, and wind simultaneously. The coal is crushed to 0.03-0.06 fine powder particles, which are sent into the furnace by the wind blades with a water column pressure of 100-290 mm. Form sufficient suspension combustion to achieve the purpose of use.

As a new type of coal-saving and coal-fired equipment, the coal injection machine is mainly used for drying, annealing, tempering boilers, steam, etc. Our coal injection machine suits all coal-fired industries, such as malleable steel mills, foundries, rolling mills, strip mills, cement plants, boiler plants, etc.


  • Improve efficiency
    Technological processes such as supply, multi-stage crushing, and transportation are centralized and completed simultaneously.
  • Durable
    It is made of 45# manganese steel and 40# chrome steel.
  • Cost Saving
    The coal pulverizer is widely used for industrial boilers (heating, annealing, tempering), heating boilers, conduction oil boilers (drying, vaporing), and other boilers. It can be used instead of fuel oil, gas, and electrical heat energy equipment, saving 50% of energy.

The coal injection machine has the characteristics of convenient ignition, easy control of furnace temperature, and stable product quality. The device is simple and compact in structure, easy to install and maintain, reduces labor intensity, and reduces energy consumption. Our coal injection machine has high thermal efficiency, increased production, energy saving, no waste gas discharge, and is not affected by rainy weather, bringing the factory more significant benefits.

Coal Pulverizer & Injection Machine

Product Structure

【Coal Pulverizer Structure】 The coal injection machine mainly comprises coal hopper, shell, main shaft, coal hammer, liner, fan, separator, and motor.
【Coal Pulverizer & Injection Machine Working Principle】The raw coal enters the grinding area of the grinding roller and the grinding disc and grinding into coal powder under the rolling and grinding of grinding rollers. After the raw coal is turned into extremely fine powder through a series of crushing processes of the machine, the coal powder is sent into the furnace by the wind blade with a pressure of 150 mm water column for suspension combustion to achieve the purpose of complete combustion.

Technical Parameters

ModelPulverized Coal Injection Volume(kg/h)Injection Pressure(mm)Air Output(m3/h)Coal Particle Size(mm)Rotate Speed(r/min)Motor Power(kW)
MP130-380-14013013000.0826004kW-4 Stage
MP150-3110-16013013000.0826004kW-4 Stage
MP180-3100-189013015000.0824007.5kW-4 Stage
MP250-3170-23013017000.08210011kW-4 Stage
MP300-3200-25013018000.08220011kW-4 Stage
MP500-4350-50013020000.08240015kW-4 Stage
MP650-4500-65013023000.08240017kW-4 Stage
MP750-4650-80013026000.08230022kW-4 Stage
MP1000-4800-100013030000.08200024kW-4 Stage

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