Pulverized Coal Burner

Pulverized Coal Burner

【Feeding Size】 80-100 mesh
Raw Material Coal powder
Coal Consumption 30-3000 kg/h
【Application】Burning system of rotary kilns in power, chemical, metallurgy, construction industry, and so on.

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Pulverized coal burner is a new kiln heating equipment with many advantages such as high heat utilization rate, energy saving & environmental protection. It is suitable for various annealing furnaces, metal heating furnaces, quenching furnaces,  melting furnaces, forging furnaces, and other related heating furnaces. The coal burner fits the coal burning system of the middle and small rotary kiln. The main parts are made of high-temperature resistance ceramic elements. It is more stable and reliable when working, and the system investment is small.

Technical Data of MRQ Pulverized Coal Burner

  1. The smoke blackness of the flue gas emissions of the pulverized coal burner is Ringelmann 0-1 degree level.
  2. The fixed carbon content of ash in the pulverized coal burner is about 0.1%, basically no toner.
  3. The energy-saving rate of the new pulverized coal burner is 15-30%.
  4. Burner gas content in the flue dust without any equipment to use under the circumstances of the flue. Air coal can reach the national standard as long as it is fully burned.

【Pulverized Coal Burner Features】

  1. The MRQ pulverized coal stays in the high-temperature zone of the MRQ pulverized coal burner for a long time, so the combustion efficiency is high, the flue is directly discharged without smoke, and it is steam-like white smoke.
  2. When this pulverized coal burner is heated, the temperature rise time is shortened, the thermal efficiency is high, the coal quality requirement is low, the coal type is widely applicable, and the economic benefit is high.
  3. Pulverized coal burner is easy to ignite, heats up quickly, and greatly improves work efficiency.
  4. We can change the burner’s air supply volume and coal input volume on-demand and adjust a wide range of the furnace temperature and flame length to meet actual needs.
  5. The internal temperature field of the pulverized coal burner is uniform, the heating coverage of the heated body in the furnace is broad, the slag does not stick to the surface of the workpiece, and the product quality is good.

Our pulverized coal burner has a specially designed multi-stage and multi-nozzle air supply guide structure, which can generate high-temperature vortex in the pulverized coal in a short time, with complete combustion, high heat utilization rate, smoke & dust removal, high efficiency & energy saving, and improved working conditions. With the advantages of reducing labor intensity, it is an ideal product for energy saving and environmental protection and is welcomed by customers.

Pulverized Coal Burner

Product Structure

【Coal Burner Structure】 The pulverized coal burner comprises pipelines, nozzles, metal corrugated compensators, butterfly valves, pressure measuring instruments and protective layers, etc.

  • Pipeline: There are five layers from outside to inside, which are the axial flow air duct, swirl air duct, gas channel, coal air channel, and central air channel.
  • Nozzle: The nozzle is made of unique materials. We can adjust the nozzle area of each pipe to adjust the jet speed, which is one of the critical components to determine the flame shape and service life.
  • Metal corrugated compensator: It is the main part to connect the pipelines, seal, and adjust the shape of the flame.
  • Butterfly valve: Butterfly valves are installed on the inlets of the axial flow, swirl and central wind, which can individually adjust the air volume and proportion.
  • Pressure measuring instruments: It indirectly displays the speed of each air duct in the burner.
  • Protective layer: The refractory casting layer, which the user casts.

【Coal Burner Working Principle】After mixing pulverized coal and air, it is ignited and burned to produce high-temperature and high-pressure combustion gas, providing heat energy.

Technical Parameters

ModelCoal Consumption(kg/h)Motor Power(kW)Rotate Speed(r/min)Air Output(m3/h)Wind Pressure(mm)Size(D*L*H)
MRQ80-330-804 Stage-5.5kW2200-2300800-1000100Ф1000*1100*1260
MRQ150-380-1304 Stage-7.5kW2200-23001000-1300130Ф1000*1300*1260
MRQ180-3100-1804 Stage-7.5kW2300-24001200-1500130Ф1000*1300*1260
MRQ250-3150-2504 Stage-11kW2300-24002000-2300130Ф1000*1350*1350
MRQ300-3200-3004 Stage-13kW2300-24002100-2500150Ф1200-1400-1450
MRQ400-3250-4004 Stage-15kW2300-24002300-2700170Ф1200*1400*11450
MRQ500-4350-5004 Stage-18.5kW2200-23003200-4000190Ф1400*1600*1500
MRQ650-4400-6004 Stage-22kW2100-22003500-4300200Ф1450*1700*1600
MRQ750-4500-7504 Stage-30kW2100-22004000-4700200Ф1460*1800*1700
MRQ1000-4600-10004 Stage-37kW2100-22004500-5500200Ф1500*2400-1750
MRQ1500-4800-15004 Stage-42kW1900-21005800-6300230Ф1500*2400*1750
MRQ2000-41200-20004 Stage-47kW1800-20006000-6800270Ф1800*2800*2000
MRQ2500-41800-25004 Stage-55kW1800-19006500-7200270Ф2000*3000*2200
MRQ3000-42300-30004 Stage-75kW1800-19007000-8500290Ф2500*3200*2500

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