Mobile Vibration Sand Screening Machine

Mobile Vibration Sand Screening Machine

【Capacity】30-200 m3/h

【Mesh Size】10 MM (customizable)

【Motor Power】0.5-11kw

【Use】Material sorting and screening

【Application】Large sand fields, sand and gravel plants, coal industries, construction sites, river stone separation, etc.

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The mobile vibration sand screening and conveying machine is a multi-functional equipment with a complex structure. It consists of multiple components such as a vibrating screening part, a conveying part, a support structure, a control system, and moving parts to screen granular materials such as sand and gravel. It is suitable for sand and gravel separation, cinder separation, ore separation, construction sites, sand fields, road and bridge projects, grain depots, etc. It has a wide range of uses. One machine is multi-purpose and can process a variety of sizes and shapes. It is efficient, energy-saving, sturdy, and durable.


  • Multi-functional integration: The mobile vibrating screen sand conveying machine integrates vibrating screening and conveying functions into one, reducing the equipment’s floor space and improving work efficiency.
  • Mobility: Equipment is usually equipped with wheels or tracks and can quickly move to different working positions to adapt to different project needs.
  • Vibrating screening: The equipment has a vibrating screening function, which can separate the original sand and gravel particle materials according to different sizes to obtain particles of the required size.
  • Grading: Through multi-layer screens, multi-level grading of particles can be achieved to ensure that the quality of the final product meets the requirements.
  • Conveying: To achieve material transportation, the conveyor belt at the bottom transports the screened granular materials to the stacking area, transportation equipment, or other target locations.
  • Electrical control: The equipment is usually equipped with an electrical control system, and parameters such as vibration force and conveying speed can be easily adjusted through the control panel.

The mobile vibrating screen and sand conveying machine is a flexible and multi-purpose equipment widely used in various granular material processing and conveying fields to improve production efficiency and material quality. Different models and equipment specifications can be selected and configured according to specific needs.

Mobile Vibration Sand Screening Machine

Product Structure

【Vibration Sand Screening Machine Structure】
The main structural components of the mobile vibration sand screening & conveying machine including:

  • Vibrating screening part - vibrating screen machine: screen box, motor, vibrator
  • Conveying part: conveyor belt
  • Architecture and support structures: support frames, columns, legs, and other support elements
  • Control system: The control system includes electrical control and operation panels for starting, stopping, adjusting vibration force conveying speed, etc. These control functions usually include electrical components, sensors, and control panels.
  • Moving parts: such as wheels or tracks

【Vibration Sand Screening Machine Working Principle】

The working principle of the mobile vibrating screen sand conveying machine involves two main processes: screening and conveying.

Screening Process

  • Particle input: First, the sand and gravel particles to be screened are loaded into the screen box of the vibrating screen machine.
  • Vibration mechanism: The vibration mechanism in the equipment (usually composed of a motor and a vibrator) starts to work and generates vertical or horizontal vibration force. These vibration forces cause the screen box and screen mesh to vibrate.
  • Screening process: The vibration force is transmitted to the screen box and screen mesh, causing the particles to move and vibrate on the screen mesh. Due to the different sizes and shapes of the particles, it separates the materials on the screen based on differences in size and weight. Smaller particles pass through the screen holes into the next layer of the screen or the conveyor belt below, while the larger particles stay on the screen.
  • Classification: If the equipment is equipped with a multi-layer screen, the particles will be classified at different levels to obtain sand and gravel particles of the required size.

Conveying Process

  • Conveyor belt: The conveyor belt at the bottom starts running and transports the screened particles from the bottom of the screen box to the target location. Motors usually drive conveyor belts to ensure the particles move at the desired speed and direction.
  • Conveying pellets: Conveyor belts transport pellets along a specific path to a stacking area, transport equipment, or other destination location. The speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted as needed to meet job requirements.

In general, the working principle of the mobile vibrating screen sand conveying machine is to achieve screening and classification of particles through the vibrating screening part and then transport the screened particles to the target location through the conveying part. The working principle of this equipment makes it suitable for sand and gravel production, construction, excavation, and other granular material processing applications, which can effectively improve production efficiency and material quality. Equipment models may differ regarding working principles and performance but generally follow the above mentioned principles.

Technical Parameters

CapacityM3/H30-40 M3/H60-80 M3/H150-200 M3/H
T/H50-120 T/H80-160 T/H100-200 T/H
Motor PowerMain Motor4 kW7.5 kW11 kW
Screen Motor4 kW4 kW7.5 kW
Vibration Motor0.5 kW
Rated Voltage380 V
Hopper Size2*1 M3.2*1.5 M3.8*1.6 M
Conveyor Belt4*0.6 M8*0.8 M9*1 M
Screen Size1.5*0.6 M (customizable)3*0.8 M (customizable)3*1.2 M (customizable)
Mesh Size10 MM (customizable)
Dimensions4.2*1.1*2.2 M8.3*1.6*3.2 M9.2*1.9*3.4 M
Weight550 KG1500 KG2000 KG


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