Automatic Clean Gold Sluice Mats Machine

Automatic Clean Gold Sluice Mats Machine

【Capacity】100-130 squares/hours

【Motor】0.55kw *3

【Water Consumption】2.4 T/slot

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Gold sluice mats (blankets) and gold grass are tools and materials commonly used in gold mining.

Sluice Mat: This equipment is used for gold panning, usually in rivers or riverbeds. Gold blankets trap gold sand through their unique design while allowing other lightweight materials to flow. Gold blanket designs often include lateral troughs and pads, which help trap and settle metal particles in the water flow. It is a relatively simple and effective gold mining tool to extract gold from gold ore.

Gold Grass (Moss): Gold grass is a fill material widely used in gold panning operations. It is usually placed at the bottom of gold panning equipment such as pans or troughs. The purpose of gold grass is to capture and retain fine gold particles in water flow. Its surface fibers and tiny voids provide an ideal environment for gold sand to settle. Gold grass species and forms can vary, but they are generally known for their slender structure, which makes them a good gold-collecting tool.

When using gold blankets and gold grass, operators usually place the gold mining equipment in the water flow, allowing the water flow to pass through the equipment, and the gold sand is trapped in the gold blanket and gold grass structure. In this way, gold mining equipment becomes an effective tool for extracting metals from gold mines.

Cleaning the gold sluice mats to recover gold is critical in the gold panning process.

Gold Sluice Mats Cleaning

  • Hand Cleaning: Gold blankets can be cleaned by hand to remove dirt and particles. Use water and a soft brush for gentle but effective cleaning.
  • High-pressure water gun: If manual cleaning is insufficient, consider using a high-pressure water gun. Make sure to use it carefully to avoid damaging the blanket.
  • Automation solution: The sluice mat is used to regulate water flow and prevent water leakage, while the automatic washing machine is used to clean the surface of materials. The automatic clean gold sluice mats machine is effectively removes external bacteria; easy to clean and remove odors; safer and more reassuring to use, and has better results.
Automatic Clean Gold Sluice Mats Machine

Product Structure

Automatic Clean Gold Sluice Mats Machine
Designing an automatic gold collection machine specifically for sluice mats involves creating a system that can efficiently and automatically collect gold particles captured by the sluice mat during gold mining. Here are key considerations for such a machine:

  • Gold Collection Mechanism: Integrate an effective mechanism for collecting gold from the sluice mat. It could involve a combination of shaking, suction, or other methods to dislodge and collect the gold particles.
  • Automated Movement System: Design an automated movement system that can traverse the entire surface of the sluice mat, ensuring a comprehensive gold collection.
  • Gold Particle Separation: Incorporate a system for separating gold particles from other materials captured by the sluice mat. It may involve screens, filters, or other separation mechanisms.
  • Material Compatibility: Select materials compatible with the sluice mat to avoid damage or interference with its performance.
  • Water Flow Control: If water is used in the gold recovery, ensure an effective water flow control system to maintain optimal sluicing conditions.
  • Adjustable Parameters: Provide adjustable parameters to allow users to customize the machine's performance based on different types of sluice mats and varying conditions.
  • Automated Control System: Integrate an automated control system for easy operation, including start, stop, and speed adjustment functions.
  • Safety Features: Implement safety features to stop the machine in case of malfunctions or to prevent damage to the equipment and ensure the safety of operators.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Integrate a real-time monitoring system to track the efficiency of gold collection and the machine's operational status.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Design the machine for easy maintenance and cleaning to ensure long-term and stable operation.

Technical Parameters


Motor0.55kw*3Water Consumption2.4T/slot
Capacity100-130 squares/hoursWater Tank Weight240kg
Motor Weight43kgVibrating Screen Weight120kg


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