Coltan Ore Mining Plant Solution

Coltan Ore Mining Plant Solution

Release time:26 February 2018
Alluival coltan process plant


Tantalum-niobium ores is for include tantalum and niobium, When have most tantalum call tantalite, when have most niobium call niobite. It have alluvial tantalum-niobium ores and stone tantalum-niobium ores.

Process Description:

Feeding: have various kinds feeding way, depends on plant and material conditions . have choices of vibration feeder, hopper, belt feeder, or wheel loader and excavator feed directly.

Sieving: this process is for vibration screen sample washing and screen different size. Vibration screen can add high pressure water, So can washing sample, screen can get two size, big size to cone crusher, small size to jig separator

Crusher : Cone crusher output size is smaller then jaw crusher & hammer crusher, because cone crusher output size is also need feeder to jig separator.

Jig separator: It have two way for feeding, one after vibration screen separator small size, and after cone crusher output size. Jig separator is also have two way get concentration, one for up of screen get concentration, one for under of screen get concentration.

Shaking table : Shaking table is for final concentration, after jig separator, then go shaking table. The shaking table is for improve the content, some time if don’t need high content can don’t use shaking table

The most effective process flowchart and most suitable process equipments are always recommend as per customer’s request and tantalum-niobium ore conditions and process capacity.