Small Jig Separator

Small Jig Separator

【Capacity】:20-70 kg/h

【Processible Material】:gold,chrome,tin,coltan,diamond ,tantalite ,silica sand

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【Introduction】 Small Jig Separator belongs to gravity concentrating equipment that separates material based on differing densities of the material. Jig Machine is widely used in the concentration of heavy minerals such as tin, gold, tungsten, manganese and barite. Laboratory Jig Machine is an ideal instrument for research of beneficiation of ferrous metal and nonferrous metal. click to know more mineral processing laboratory equipment.
Laboratory jig is one of the new gravity separation equipment. The mineral jig is widely used for heavy minerals with specific gravity differences such as tin, gold, tungsten, manganese, Barite, etc. A better separation index is obtained. The JIG separator is used for gravity separation. Gravity separation is based on the difference of the specific gravity of the ore and the heavy settling velocity of the medium. It is suitable for the selection of black and Non-ferrous metal, chemical, architectural and metallurgical experiments.
The jigging separation is based on the difference of the ore’s specific gravity and the medium’s heavy settling velocity, and the difference of the mineral weight is used to complete the separation of the mixture of ore particles.
JXSC, 30+ years of jigger machine manufacturer, jig manufacturing types of jig equipment, adopt advanced jig technologies, jigging separation in the mining industry. We provide jig equipment includes small jigs, automatic jigging machines, gold jig, duplex jig, hydraulic jig.

Small Jig Separator

Product Structure

【Working Principle of Jig】 Because a sieve is added to the working sieve, the jigger can be used to treat materials of uneven size. (Note: This screen may not be supplied in accordance with the order requirements) after the ore is sent to the jigging chamber, due to the agitation of the diaphragm, the ore particles are stratified in the medium according to the specific gravity; the fine and heavy ore particles pass through the gaps and sieve holes of the particles of the artificial bed, the coarse and light mineral grains (minerals) in the upper layer of the storage ore deposited in the jig hopper are washed by the medium flow to the discharge outlet at the end of the sieve. As the position of the back Jig Chamber is 50 mm lower than that of the Front Jig Chamber, the light mineral grains spill out through the Front Chamber Tail Plate and enter the Back Chamber To be voted out again. The position of the tail plate can be adjusted according to the need to control the size of the ore discharge.

Technical Parameters

Chamber SizeLengthmm150200
Chamber Number22
Chamber Area0.030.06
Eccentric Maximum Strokemm≤20≤32
Feeding Sizemm≤3≤6
Stroke Frequencytimes/min420346
Backwater Concumptionkg/min0.1174
Feeding Water Consumptionkg/min0.12.4
Rotation Speedrpm14001390

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