Square Swing Screen

Square Swing Screen

【Motor Power】3-7.5 KW

【Screen Layers】1-5 Layers

Screening Size3-6 m2

Lateral Slope 5-8°

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The square swing vibrating screen, also known as the square swing screen or square swinging screen, is a type of vibrating screen used for screening and grading materials. It’s called “square swing” because of its square or rectangular shape and swinging motion during operation.

Here are some key features and components of the square swing vibrating screen:

Swing motion: Unlike traditional vibrating screens primarily use linear vibration, the square swing vibrating screen employs a unique swinging motion. This swinging motion facilitates the efficient screening of materials by allowing particles to move more freely on the screen surface.

High efficiency: The swinging motion of the screen enhances the screening efficiency by ensuring that particles have multiple opportunities to pass through the screen apertures. This results in better separation of materials based on size and shape.

High screening accuracy: The square swing screen uses vibration force to transfer to the screen surface for screening, which can quickly stratify the materials on the screen surface, thereby improving screening accuracy. In addition, the vibration frequency and amplitude of the square swing screen can be adjusted as needed to adapt to the screening requirements of different materials.

Simple structure and easy maintenance: The structure of the square swing screen is relatively simple and easy to maintain. At the same time, the screen mesh of the square swing screen adopts a pull-tension type and can be easily replaced.

The square swing vibrating screen is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, and food processing to screen various materials, ranging from fine powders to coarse aggregates. Its unique swinging motion and high screening efficiency make it an effective tool for particle size classification and material separation.

Square Swing Screen

Product Structure

【Square Swing Vibration Screen Structure】The square swing screen is mainly composed of a screen box, vibrator, spring, etc. The screen box is a square container with a screen inside. The vibration force generated by the vibrator is transmitted to the screen box through the excitation motor, causing it to produce a rocking motion. The spring plays a buffering and supporting role to ensure the stability of the screen box.
【Square Swing Vibration Screen Working Principle】The working principle of the square swing screen is to screen materials in the screen box through vibration force. When the vibration force acts on the screen box, the materials will move relative to each other on the screen. The screen will block materials with larger particles and cannot pass through. In comparison, materials with smaller particles can pass through the screen, achieving the screening purpose.

Technical Parameters

ModelScreening Size (m2)LayerLateral SlopeMotor Power (kW)Number of Revolutions (r/min)Screen Box Stroke (mm)

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