Mercury Mixing Shaker

Mercury Mixing Shaker

Capacity】4-10 t/h
Deck Layer】1-2 Layers
Application Materials】Alluvial gold

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Mercury mixing shaker, also known as gold panning shaker, placer gold separation shaker, or plastic chute shaker, is the most commonly used gold panning equipment in the placer gold process of small and medium-sized mines.

The plastic chute shaker is a kind of gold separation equipment suitable for gold panning. A diesel engine or motor can drive it.


  • Small size, easy to carry.
  • Simple operation, high efficiency, and better effect when combined with the mercury amalgam drum.
  • Compact design, chute design does not run gold or mercury.
  • It is widely used by gold miners who often run out on the sand field. They can take the machine to the sand field and start working directly.
  • Usually, the color of the support is blue and the chute is white.


  • Motor and diesel engine gold panning shaker
  • Single-deck and double-deck rocking shakers
Mercury Mixing Shaker

Product Structure

【How to Use Mercury Mixing Shaker?】

  • Before using the diesel engine, add diesel oil and water.
  • Start the diesel engine, vibrate the shaker back and forth.
  • Put mercury in the front 4 cells, about 4 pounds of mercury in each cell, the more mercury you put, the better the effect will be.
  • Install a water pipe at the material place to run water (note: the amount of water should not be too large. It is recommended to wrap the faucet with a piece of cloth and let the water flow slowly through the chute).
  • The gold panning shaker can process about 4-10 tons a day, and it will vibrate until only mercury and gold are left behind. Take it out directly and pour out the mercury gold from the chute!

Technical Parameters

ModelDeck(Layer)Capacity(t/h)Height of Discharge Port(cm)Power(Kw)Size L*W*H(mm)Weight(kg)
JXSC-1600*45015460.75kw*4 Level1600*450*70070
JXSC-1800*45018460.75kw*4 Level1800*450*70080
JXSC-21600*450210460.75kw*4 Level1600*450*100090

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