Mercury Amalgamation Machine

Mercury Amalgamation Machine

【Capacity】0.5-2 t/h
【Feeding Size】≤15 mm
【Motor Power】0.75-1.5 kw
【Application Materials】Gold

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The mercury amalgamation machine also known as gold mercury amalgamator or mercury amalgamation drum, is used to extract gold from placer gold. It is a commonly used gold mining equipment in small and medium-sized placer gold panning. 

The mercury mixing cylinder is a kind of internal mercury mixing equipment widely used in gold concentrators. It is used to treat the gold-bearing heavy sand of the placer gold mine and the gravity separation gold concentrate of the vein gold mine. The recovery rate of mixed mercury gold in the mixing cylinder can reach more than 98%, which is an effective internal mixing equipment. 


  • High recovery ratio of more than 98%, Low loss rate of mercury.
  • A newly designed automatic gold amalgamator uses the motor to drive the machine.
  • The stepper motor is for easier operation.
  • Stainless iron tank to get a long service life and save the mercury.
  • Reasonable structure makes this machine neat and clean.
  • Easy to carry and remove
  • Highly efficient and Hg can be recycled to use
  • Simple operation, high efficiency, better effect when combined with mercury amalgamating shaker
Mercury Amalgamation Machine

Product Structure

【Mercury Amalgamator Structure】
The barrel is usually made of stainless steel. Its inner and outer are all polished. Thus no dead space & easy to rinse thoroughly. It contains 3 ports, partly for feeding, maintenance, and discharging.

【Mercury Amalgamator Working Principle】
The mercury amalgamation cylinder is tilted at a certain angle to the horizontal. The cylinder has a feed port, and a mesh plate separates the lower end from the amalgam storage chamber. The mercury paste storage room also has an angle with the horizontal. There is an automatic ore separation valve at the lower end and an ore discharge port at a certain height on the end face. Pipes are used to connect the cylinders quickly. A hydraulic mercury capture and recovery device is also installed at the tailings discharge end of the two amalgam storage rooms. Microcomputer time control is adopted to control the inlet and outlet solenoid valves according to predetermined procedures to realize continuous and fully automatic mercury amalgamation operations. It is an ideal equipment for gold selection.

Technical Parameters

ModelCapacity (t/h)Feeding Size (mm)Motor Power(kw)ReducerWeight (kg)Size L*W*H (mm)
JXSC-0.50.5≤150.75kw *4 Level60-101051000*1000*650
JXSC-11≤151.5kw *4 Level23-1.52501400*1500*1000
JXSC-22≤151.5kw *4 Level23-1.53001500*1800*1000

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