Gold Suction Dredge Boat

Gold Suction Dredge Boat

The sand pump gold mining boat is a small gold mining boat. This kind of sand-pumping gold mining boat is suitable for small river operations. The gold mining boat can be customized according to the depth of the river and the output per hour because the river conditions of each customer are different. The output ranges from large to small. Small gold mining ships range from 5-30 tons per hour, while large gold mining ships have 300 tons per hour. All of them can be customized.

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The gold suction dredge boat with a gold chute can achieve a high recovery rate. Powered by an engine with a pump, the float is high-strength and lightweight plastic. There are advantages in that it is smaller in size, and easy to transport, so it is widely used for working gold mining in mini river channels.

Small Gold Dredger is a professional portable gold mining machine designed according to the complex riverbed conditions and has passed the ISO9001:2008 standard. This gold mining equipment is flexible to most geologic structures and has a lot of obvious advantages.


  • Portable, small in size
    Easy to operate, maintain, transport, and assemble, it is an ideal equipment for personal gold mining in the mini river channel.
  • Hot sales worldwide
    It has been exported to more than 15 countries, such as Ghana, the Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, North Korea, Indonesia, Gabon, America, etc.
  • High efficiency
    It has a gold chute with gold carpet for a high recovery rate.
  • Quick return, high profits
    It is highly efficient with low cost, and a good gold mining machine.
  • Standard Quality
    The diesel engine power system and float framework are made up of stainless steel structure, and the floating body is made of high strength and lightweight plastic, which means the main body of the machine is strong, durable, and has a low failure rate.
  • Customization design
    The different geological conditions,  capacity requirement planning, and the customer’s budget provide the ideal product for investors.
Gold Suction Dredge Boat

Product Structure

【Gold Suction Dredger Working Principle】
The sand pump extracts a concentrated sand-water mixture from the bottom of the river bed and injects it into a special gold-absorbing tank. The waste is flushed out by high-pressure water flow, leaving the gold sand on the grass. This equipment is powered by one unit to complete sand pumping and gold panning simultaneously.

Technical Parameters

Portable Gold Mining Boat
Rotate speed3600rpm3600rpm3600rpm
Fuel consumption≤284g/Kw·h≤283g/Kw·h≤280g/Kw·h
Fuel capacity2.65L3.3L5.5L
Pump1 set1 set2 sets
Pump diameter50mm(2inch)80mm(3inch)100mm(4inch)
Water flow33m³/h60m³/h80m³/h
Dredging depth0.5-0.8 m0.5-0.8 m1.5 m
Work capacity5m³/h8m³/h13m³/h
Gold chute
 With gold feltWith gold feltWith gold felt
Suction pipe3inch4inch5inch

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