10TPH Rock Coltan Ore Processing Plant in Mozambique

10TPH Rock Coltan Ore Processing Plant in Mozambique

Published Date:26 February 2018

JXSC provides a complete project to Mozambique customer for the 10TPH rock Coltan Ore Processing plant, include rock sample testing, flowchart design, full set equipment installation.

The raw ore is rock type, with Coltan, Tin, ilmenite, iron, tungsten in. We need to separate out each of those minerals.

Coltan ore mining process flowchart

1. Rough Crusher: it is a primary crusher, for crush maximum 250mm rock to -100mm.
2. Fine jaw crusher: for crush 100 mm rocks to 30mm.
3. Ball mill: for grinding 30mm rock to 1 mm particles, so can release as much as possible the heavy minerals.
4. Shaking table: this is a gravity separation machine, for separate out heavy minerals from other light sand. Here we use two-stage separation, the middling from the 1st stage will go to 2nd stage shaking table to separation can get more heavy minerals.
5. 3pcs disc dry magnetic separator: this is the final refining machine, dry process, with high intensity magnetic and adjustable from 0-16000gauss. Can separate out iron, ilmenite, tungsten, coltan and Tin ore effectively. This magnetic separator is widely used in Tin ore/ tungsten ore/ coltan ore mining plant.
Crushing and the grinding section also can be used for rock gold/ rock chrome/rock tin ore/ rock tungsten ore processing plant, etc. Process capacity can be provided as per request.

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JXSC specializing in the production of Coltan ore mining equipment, copper mining equipment, gold mining equipment, nickel ore dressing equipment, lead-zinc ore dressing equipment, etc. Mining operations include crushing, screening, grinding, classification, beneficiation, dehydration, and roasting stages. Independently Developed a new type of mobile crusher, jaw crusher, sand machine, heavy hammer crusher. JXSC is a reliable Coltan ore mining equipment supplier who won a good name in the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Iran, South Africa, Ethiopia, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Australia, Chile, etc.

Mozambique Coltan ore mining plant
Mozambique Coltan mining plant

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