Slurry Magnetic Separator

Slurry Magnetic Separator

【Capacity】10-100 m3/h
【Feeding Material Density】10-30%
【Power】90-178 kW
【Application】Ceramics, mining, chemical industry, electronics, food, and other industries.

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The slurry magnetic separator is a kind of equipment widely used in mining, metallurgy, environmental protection, and other fields. It is mainly used to separate and extract magnetic substances. Its working principle is mainly based on the adsorption effect of magnetic fields on magnetic substances.


  • The magnetic field of the slurry machine is high, the magnetic field is evenly distributed, and the iron removal effect is obvious;
  • The cooling system uses internal oil circulation, and external water-oil heat exchange is carried out through a heat exchanger. The heat dissipation coefficient is high, which can control the temperature rise at around 20C, extending the service life of the electromagnetic wire;
  • The brake valve is made of imported materials, the valve body is strong and durable, and there is no residual slurry overflowing after closing;
  • Iron removal uses high-pressure water spring flushing and air blowing to ensure thorough flushing and no residue;
  • The mesh is made of special materials. After the power supply to the excitation coil is cut off, there is no residual magnetism, making it easy to remove iron;
  • Fully automatic operation, no manual supervision is required, iron removal is convenient and fast, and there is no residue.

The slurry magnetic separator is widely used in the removal and separation of iron impurities and magnetic substances in slurries and glazes in ceramics, glass, chemicals, electronics, food, medicine, and other industries.

Slurry Magnetic Separator

Product Structure

The slurry magnetic separator is mainly composed of a magnetic system, tank body, transmission device, ore feeding device, flushing device, and other parts. Among them, the magnetic system is the core part of the device and is responsible for generating the magnetic field. The tank is used to accommodate the slurry to be processed and achieve separation of magnetic substances through the action of a magnetic field.

During the working process, the electromagnetic slurry magnetic separator will form a stable magnetic field. When the slurry containing magnetic substances enters the magnetic field area, it is affected by the force of the magnetic field, and the magnetic substances are adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic system. Non-magnetic materials, on the other hand, will continue to flow along the tank because they are not affected by the magnetic field force, thereby achieving the separation of magnetic materials and non-magnetic materials.

The magnetic system usually consists of electromagnets and magnetic poles. Electromagnets generate magnetic fields through electric current, and the magnetic poles determine the distribution and intensity of the magnetic field. By adjusting the size and direction of the current, the strength and distribution of the magnetic field can be controlled to meet different separation needs.

Technical Parameters

Input Voltage (ACV)380380380380380380380
Power (kW)90120150140150178178
Magnetic Field Strength (GS)18000180001800015000180001500015000
Capacity (m3/h)10-4015-5020-7520-7520-7525-10025-100
Kaolin Feed Concentration10-20%10-20%10-20%10-20%10-20%10-20%10-20%
Potassium, Albite Ore Concentration20-30%20-30%20-30%20-30%20-30%20-30%20-30%
Weight (T)15233228434553
Output Voltage (DCV)0-5300-5300-5300-5300-5300-5300-530
Output Current (DCA)0-1600-2100-2850-2850-2850-3300-330
Cooling MethodOil and Water Double CoolingOil and Water Double CoolingOil and Water Double CoolingOil and Water Double CoolingOil and Water Double CoolingOil and Water Double CoolingOil and Water Double Cooling
Coil Power (kW)80110132120130160160
Cavity Height (mm)700700700800600800700
Coil MaterialCopperCopperCopperCopperAluminumCopperAluminum
Installation Size (mm)1550*1550*32001980*1980*32002300*2300*32002130*2130*33002600*2600*38002600*2600*33002800*2800*3800


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