Heavy Plate Feeder

Heavy Plate Feeder

【Capacity】100-240 m3/h

【Power】15-45 kW

【Speed】0.05 m/s

【Applicable Materials】Suitable for conveying materials with high humidity and high viscosity

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Heavy-duty plate feeders are widely used in industrial sectors such as mining, metallurgy, building materials, and coal. It is suitable for short-distance transportation of materials with large lumps. It is widely used in large-scale mineral processing plants to feed materials before crushing. It is used as a storage bin for primary crushing and continuous and uniform operation. The feeding equipment can also be used to transport materials over heavy loads and short distances, especially when plate type The feeder is installed at the lower part of the warehouse, and it is most suitable for heavy-duty work where the pressure of the material directly acts on the feeding plate. Plate feeder is not only suitable for processing coarse-grained materials but also fine-grained materials. It can complete heavy work in harsh environments and has greater adaptability to changes in particle size, composition, temperature, viscosity, frost, rain and snow, or frozen materials. The feeding amount is uniform, accurate, and reliable. The heavy plate feeder is generally installed horizontally, but can also be installed tilted. The maximum inclination angle for upward transportation is 25°.



  • It is suitable for conveying materials with high humidity and high viscosity, with reasonable structure and reliable operation.
  • The material guide plate is compounded with a material with a small friction coefficient and does not stick to the material.
  • The bottom plate for conveying materials is equipped with a scraper device to reduce the sticking and stripping of materials.
  • Frequency conversion speed regulation, energy saving, and easy control, the material transportation volume is conveniently adjustable, and the material can be transported and fed evenly.
  • The transmission device is directly connected, eliminating the need for a transmission foundation and reducing civil construction investment costs.
Heavy Plate Feeder

Product Structure

Heavy Plate Feeder Structures
The plate feeder is mainly composed of the head wheel assembly, frame, rotary body, driving device, chain roller, lower supporting wheel, tail wheel assembly, head cover, and other parts.

Heavy Plate Feeder Working Principle
The main power of the apron feeder is the motor. The motor is connected with the coupling to drive the reducer to drive the sprocket shaft to rotate. The transmission method adopts a sprocket chain structure. The sprocket chain mechanism can work under harsh working conditions. It is characterized by heavy load and low speed and can complete the transportation of heavy objects. The chain is used to drag the chain plate to move along a straight line. The chain plate is a support installed on the frame. The chain on the support of the heavy wheel and supporting wheel needs to be equipped with a corresponding tensioning device to ensure the correct meshing of the chain and sprocket to achieve the purpose of conveying materials.

Technical Parameters

ModelScraping BeltFeeding Capacity(m3/h)Motor Power (kW)Weight(kg)Overall Dimensions (mm)
Width(mm)Center Distance of Sprocket(mm)Speed(m/s)

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