Tungsten Ore Processing Plant In Korea

Tungsten Ore Processing Plant In Korea

Release time:22 August 2019

Introduction of Korea Tungsten Ore Processing Plant

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Mining equipment for sale

JXSC has been focusing on mining equipment manufacturing since 1985.
Products: rock crushers, gravity separator, electrostatic separator, flotation machine, washing equipment, ore feeder, screen & sieve, etc.
Application: metallurgical, mineral processing, sand making, aggregate processing, etc. Contact us for quotation

1. Services (installation, test run, training) : the supplier can provide basic drawings and schematic drawings of equipment installation. The
domestic technicians will be provided for free to guide installation and debugging, and the buyer will provide technicians with room and board.
The buyer shall prepare necessary auxiliary materials for installation.
2. Quality guarantee: the equipment is guaranteed for one year. In the warranty period, due to the quality of the product manufacturing,
manufacturers free warranty (except wearing parts).