Shaking table

Shaking table

【Capacity】: 0.1-2tph

【Feeding size】: 0-2mm

【Application】: Gold mine, Tin mine, Chrome mine, Tantalum-niobium mine, Tungsten mine,iron mine, Manganese mine and so on.

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1. High recovery ration
2. High concentration ration
3. Easy installation
4. Simple operation
5. Deck constructed of fiber glass
6. Seveb different decks to choose
7. Long working life
8. Adjustable stroke length and speed

Shaking table

Product Structure

Shaking table can make material have different motion base on different particle density and particle size , and from the feeder tank material flow out like a diagonal along the edge of the bed, the discharge line is very long, accurate real estate product of a variety of different quality, such as the concentrate, inferior concentrate, medium concentrate and tailings in time etc.

Technical Parameters

Deck typeUnitCourse sandFine sandSlime DeckThree different kinds of decks are available
Beneficiation Aream27.
Deck SizeLengthmm445044504450300021001100
transmission end widthmm18551855
Concentrate end widthmm1546154615461100850430
Maximum Feeding Sizemm20.50.150.1-20.074-20.074-2
Feeding Amountt/d30-6010-2015-250.4-1.5t/h0.3-0.8t/h0.05-0.2t/h
Feeding Density%25-3020-2515-2510-30
Water addedt/d80-15030-6010-170.3-1.5t/h0.2-1t/h0.1-0.5t/h
Transverse slope of  Deck°2° 30-4° 301° 30-3° 301° -2°0 -10°0 -8°0 -10°
Longitudinal slope of  Deck°1.40.92————————
Cross-section Shape of Deck rectangularsaw toothtriangleAvaliable rectangular, saw tooth, triangle
Motor PowerKW1.


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